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  1. https://www.topdoctors.mx/doctor/enrique-rico-curiel Dr. Enrique Rico Curiel, former President of Jalisco Association of Hematologists, Professor of internal Medicine at Hospital Angeles del Carmen, and voted one of the top 50 doctors in Mexico. First hand experience and two year treatment protocol. Whoever you choose, I hope all goes well for you.
  2. In a thread you can tap on the username of the person you wish to msg, the profile page of that member will pop up, and you will see an image of an envelope under their name. Tap on that and the message window appears. Other methods also.
  3. We went for lunch, the burgers and pulled pork sandwich were good.
  4. Benjamin ZuĊ„iga owner of Compucel. Near the Farmacias Similares about a couple of doors East of the corner of Vicente Guerrero and Independencia in Jocotepec. Tri-lingual. He is there usually 10-4 then 6-8 lunes a sabados. Sometimes also open Sundays. Honest and trusted. Not sure about house calls, but you can ask.
  5. @lakeside7. The reason I posted the info was point out that medical costs vary greatly in this area. From my post I received a pm from a member who is need of cardio surgery and he lives in Colima. So there was a benefit for one member. Apparently that annoys you. In addition I find your comments crass.: "I can just imagine this person being taken around like a sack of potatoes looking for the Best Deal.....oh dear he has expired"
  6. We placed self interest above science.
  7. I have no idea what hoogie boogie is. ?
  8. The family was not looking for the "Best Deal". They are from Guadalajara and they have trusted doctors there. In addition, coming up with 3,000,000 pesos in one day is not so easy for most people. A decision had to be made. He was in surgery in Guadalajara within 8 hours of leaving PV and has had 7 surgeries since then in GDL and two years of PT. None of us know what we would do in an emergency such as this family experienced. He was in a coma and the family made the best decision at the time in my opinion.
  9. Hospital and other medical costs vary greatly in this area. PV and Guadalajara are much more expensive than Colima for example. My buddy had a stent in Colima City about 3 months ago and the cost was 120,000 MXN total. Another friend of mine was in a bad moto accident in PV. After he was stabilized the doctors said he needed about 3,000,000 MXN for more surgeries. His family brought him to Guadalajara in an ambulance and the surgeries were performed for $1,000,000. YMMV
  10. I moved from 900' above sea level to here at 5250'. I've have had some problems with medicines that made the condition worse, but overall I am ok if I do not over exert myself when exercising. I don't worry about it too much. Best to consult a cardio and if you are on meds, give him the list.
  11. Today in Joco, one Honda mower on display for sale.
  12. Honda mowers were also for sale in Joco a couple of years ago at the Stihl/Kubota dealer #139 Vicente Guerrero. I have not been in the store recently though, so you may want to call first. #139 Vicente Guerrero is about 1/2 block past Independencia driving west out of Joco. There is an OXXO on the corner of Independencia/Vicente Guerrero. Buena suerte.
  13. If I was about 55 I think I would spend a few days in the Chapalita neighborhood of Zapopan. Beautiful area and lots of things to do. Vibrant.
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