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  1. My Dad told me that he was not worried about going to Hell because once he got there he would be too busy shaking hands with friends to be worried.
  2. My two cents about this is that my friends who have had disputes with USAA always tell me that USAA Customer Service manages to squeeze in the comment: "Thank you for your service." Well how about USAA provide some service in return to the US vets? I did some work for USAA some 20 years ago but I soon realized that if you sleep with dogs you get fleas, so no thanks.
  3. Hey Fred I slid by the garage sale this afternoon and the ladies were very friendly. Hope all continues well for you and yours. Send me a whatsapp msg whenever you get caught up. Un fuerte abrazo Jocotepense.
  4. You want crispy tacos?: La Fiesta Restuarant, Tex Mex style. Crappy parking now but the new location will have plenty of parking at the old La Hacienda de Don Pedro across the street from Corazon de Malta Pub on De Las Flores in West Ajijic. The owners of La Fiesta are the same as Blue Rose, so killer margaritas on the rocks.
  5. The positive viewpoint is that Las Salvias is not a fracc. If it were a fracc, then the residents could expect a hefty assessment for a new well.
  6. La Hacienda Treatment Ctr. Somewhere near Las Salvias and Villa Nova on Mountainside. May be a resource for you.
  7. It is the same as in the photos. The sewing machine, the instruction manual, the soft nylon case, and the power supply. I do not see any additional parts with it. Thanks for your interest. If you want, you can pm me for my phone.
  8. En lunes, ni las gallinas ponen, ..... On Mondays, not even the chickens lay. With this saying, those who usually take another day of rest are justified, to recover from the strenuous Sunday leisure.
  9. I find that simply ignoring commentary from annoying posters works for me. I don't even use the website ignore feature. I get a laugh out of some of the caustic posters here who insist on pissing in their cheerios each morning before they log in to Chapala.com. Their reputation precedes them. When you refuse to accept their caustic comments, then the trash talk goes back to the sender. Unfortunately for them it only increases their toxic karma. Consider yourself lucky that you do not walk in their shoes.
  10. I don't worry about traffic in Ajijic much, if I have to go to that area my wife can drive and I take a nap. It just does not matter to me if I am asleep. 😴
  11. Samsung customer service has been about the same for me as LG. I learned my lesson when I allowed Camarena Appliance Repair in Ajijic to take a defective Samsung frig part to Guad to locate a replacement. They never came back or responded after that. I ended up buying a Whirlpool frig.
  12. TotalPlay works great in San Juan Cosala. Three outages in three years and only one was overnight. With Telmex and Ilox I always kept a Telcel modem as a backup. It served me well while waiting for service from Telmex and Ilox.
  13. Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner. A Bticino branded outlet combined with buzzer.
  14. Like Willie Sutton said, " Because that's where the money is."
  15. My daughter stayed here and liked it. https://hoteles-hangarinn.com/ Que le vaya bien!
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