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  1. Sorry folks. Had to deal with priorities. my wife had heart surgery at Puerta de Hierro where she acquired two nosocomial bacteria (pseudomonas aurigenosis and staphylococcus apúrelas). They sent her home too early advising 24/7 oxygen. As a result of her weakness she had a fall and fractured a vertebra. That’s kept me away from thanking you all for your offered advise. I’ll be back once this stuff gets sorted out and she is pain free. And thanks for caring. PS I am not a troll.
  2. Sorry I didn’t get back to you. I’ve been dealing with my wife who is just learning to deal with 24/7 oxygen.
  3. What other thread are you referring to please. I am in major info gathered mode. thx
  4. Is it still available.. What is the difference between the G4 and G5.. how many hours on it. The manual will show you hoe to determine that. thanks
  5. If you plug it in and the screen comes on it should show the numbers og hours used. I may be interested if it S still for sale
  6. We are new to this having just bioght a 5 litre Cair Omoanion 5 ovygenator. I am still confused with my backup options. sheathe Mac June is set for 2.5 litres. Tanks are too clumsy and larfevb Generators seem complex and I am not a handy gun can’t repair much of anything. I have been referred to dtore current from AC, generator or car Barrera yo a maximum when it is available for discharge as required. has any one had experience with these? I’m tokd that the Bluetti EB55 which is very popular among RVers. Also the Jackery 500 is highly recommended is this a satisfactory solution for proving becakupmpower to a 350 watt concetrator? thanks in advance BTW, eathars a Wh
  7. I had a nice looking courteous well dressed Mexican lad, early twenties, no uniform, come to my front door and tell me that Telmex wanted to put fibre in my home. Free he said. I didn’t mention I have iLox. I asked for ID but he said he and his father were subcontractors and didn’t have them. Or a Telmex truck. is this a scam to get into your house to scope it out or even to rob it real time.. anyone heard of this?
  8. I just had some great cabinet repairs done by Nikolas Delgadillo at +52 33 1774 9498 not much English but easy to communicate and he foes it cleanly and accurately.
  9. I have heard and read that the pulse type of unit isn’t good at night because your breathing is shallower while sleeping and sometimes isn’t strong enough to trigger the machine. Does this fit with your experience?
  10. Which concentrator do you have, Fred? I’ve left another message for you in your wheelchair thread about backup during power failures. I’m new at this so pardon my naïveté.
  11. Fred, we have just recently had the same need for 24/7 oxygen. We bought a concetrator from Lydia at Lake Med (a really quiet unit - the Caire Companion 5 - and love it. It’s much much quieter then the Respiricon units. last night we had a short power drop and I realized that we have no backup plan. What do you do for the power outages? We considered the portable units (like the Inogen) but it is a pulse machine, not continuous flow, and everything we read and hear tells us that the pulse units aren’t suitable for sleeping as the oxygen release is driven by inhalation which is not strong enough while sleeping I’ve also considered a generator. So I am searching for a solution. Hope you can help. What is your backup system? Thanks.
  12. Some notarios will not accept a CFE bill without the legit RFC when you are selling your house. It could delay your closing. Get your RFC and Constancia now while you are not under pressure to provide it. Banks and auto dealers just made them up in the past but as of this year it will be required by most large sellers as it is proof of tax status.
  13. I called him this morning, he said he'd be here in 30 minutes and he was. No funny business with the meters. I was very happy. Thks
  14. I called him, he said he'd be here in 30 minutes and he was. No funny business with the meters. I was very happy. Thks
  15. There's an independent guy named Juan who does the gaz thing. It seems he's been servicing the area for more than 15 years. I called him today (after Zeta told me they weren't delivering in Ajijic today and I'd have to wait till tomorrow) and he said he'd be here in 30 minutes. His tel number is 333/971-0630. Assume all went well if I don't come back to comment on my comment.
  16. No replies? How about the name of a gym that has the ProForm 500F elliptical on the floor and probably has someone servicing them? Can anyone recommend such a gym? Thanks in advance
  17. Does anyone know who can service our elliptical which hasn’t been used for several years. thanks in advance.
  18. My wife and I did Mexican wills about 15 years ago when we bought our house. If we are both gone it all goes (mainly the house) to our nephews and nieces in Canada. The house title deed also names each other as beneficiaries with the niblings as backups. We would like to change the executor on the wills as times have changed and our nephew (in Canada) is old enough that we would like him to be executor. Does an entirely new will need to be drawn up or is it possible to simply do a codicil to the will to modify the executor. All other terms of the wills remain the same. Thanks. We'd like to get this dealt with in September. Thank you in advance.
  19. I've gone to the page https://citas.jalisco.gob.mx/transporte/client/newAppointment?eiid=104&lid=13 but it only offers me appointments in May 2021. Is there any way to make an appointment in June or do I have to wait for tomorrow when hopefully the software will adjust. Thanks in advance
  20. Thanks to all. Just to confirm they are closed through the holiday. .
  21. We always tip the driver. 39 pesos per trip does not a living make.
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