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  1. Good luck Andita   Dra Ana spent the whole time looking at her computer but typing nothing , asked very few questions, no eye contact at all.. ordered something for anxiety that I could not tolerate. Finally I suggested something which took.

    Paulina is worse. I went to her because I wanted to see if I still needed to take these meds. She was at Maskaras then. So she weans me off what I was taking and orders something that cost 4X as much. I looked them up and they had the same active metabolite. So I went back to taking what I was taking. Now I try Quality care. Yup she works there now. I complained of being sleepy. Instead of seeing if I had kidney or renal problems which could mean it was accumulating , she wrote a prescription for Ritalin. Her rational was since I wasn't ADHD, it would keep me awake. Speed????? 

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