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  1. Don't hesitate! You may wake up blind one morning without having the necessary vitrectomy. If you are still hesitant to get vaccinated, you may prefer a suffocating death to being blind. Random thoughts..........
  2. I have had several victrectomy's from 2004 through 2013. Dr. Enrique Roig (enriqueroig@retina.com.mx) did them at Clinica Santa Lucia in Guadalajara. I do have silicon oil in one eye, which has very limited vision, but the other eye has been quite successfully treated and does not require glasses for other than reading fine print. That said, my field of vision is too narrow to allow me to drive, and I now have glaucoma being treated for the last few years.
  3. Choosing to remain unvaccinated is really selfish. It is for those with such sociopathic tendencies that mandated vaccination is needed.
  4. Gee, we must have picked the one peaceful night to visit. Enjoyed good seafood supper near centro, and room service breakfast at the pet-friendly hotel.
  5. It is a well traveled route, and you should expect nothing out of the ordinary. Just decide how far you want to drive each day and pick an overnight location, as there are many choices. The last time we used that route, we did it in two long days with an overnight in Culiacan.
  6. We like them steamed until open, then served with garlic butter.
  7. Fry in hot oil. A delicacy in some parts, if you watch "Naked and Afraid".
  8. If I were there, I might be tempted to deliver a strategic knee jerk to a specific jerk. Oh well......
  9. Your turn is coming, unless you fail along the way.
  10. Mexicans use two family names, patrinomial and matrinomial, after their given name. European derived names are entirely different and do not fit the hispanic pattern, nor do they identify the mother's family name at all. Note that Mexican women do not change their names when they get married. The terms, first, middle, and last names do not apply to Mexican names.
  11. Natasha is absolutely correct in advising that you walk in a normal, upright manner. The walker's grips should be loosely held at either side of you, and for security more than for support. When you tire; set the brakes and sit for awhile. I like mine better than a cane, and a wheelchair is too heavy to transport easily.
  12. Ferret said it all. Follow her advice. We used them for 14 years in both Ajijic and Chapala. Fantastic service and really nice family business. They are also very talented with other ironwork projects.
  13. My first response For the original post is, "Why do you want to live in a 'gated community'? We moved to Ajijic in 2001 and lived on a normal street until 2004, when we moved to Chapala Centro, on a normal street, and stayed for the next decade; until age and infirmity drove us notth to the VA and Medicare systems. We desperately miss Chapala, but have to accept our fates in our dotage. We never considered a fraccionamiento or 'gated community' and were sublimely happy with our lives in Chapala.
  14. Someone is hiking on a different trail, when he thinks about trials; or much of anything else. Too limited to deal with spelling and grammar, as well. Obviously, easily led down the path of ignorance.
  15. Since the tire shops can get whatever you want from Guadalajara, it seems that your only criteria is price, which will probably require that you make the rounds and ask the question for the specific tires that you want. The cheapest ones may be from far, far away, and may not last as long as you might like. Installation and balancing will be the same, no matter the tire chosen. Warranties will sometimes vary by brand. Service quality and convenience are also variables.
  16. What do you require for a tire shop to be labeled "The Best Place"?
  17. If one insists on refusing to be vaccinated for the protection of himself and others, there is the greater risk that infection and even death will occur. So be it. The silence from the anti-vaxers will be a welcome change for many.
  18. I suspect that many of those "farmers" harvest their crops at the abastos. Purdue and others do deliver there. Surprised?
  19. May third commemorates Holy Cross Day, a religious festival with origins in ancient Jerusalem, without doubt, in Mexico and other countries the construction workers celebrate the Day of the Mason. El 3 de mayo se conmemora el Día de la Santa Cruz, una festividad religiosa que tiene sus orígenes en el antiguo Jerusalén, sin embargo, en México y en otros países los trabajadores de la construcción celebran el Día del Albañil.
  20. If you have a common wall with another house, the neighbor can use a common detector to locate the backside of your outlets on that wall and tap into the wires for a 'free outlet' on his side of the wall. There are other variations on the theme........
  21. Most folks on this site will be referring to San Antonio Tlayacapan, a part of the Chapala Municipio, located between Ajijic and Chapala.
  22. SS cards do not have pictures. Beyond that, who cares?
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