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  1. We have a Sol y Luna box and are due to renew in two weeks.

    Our e-mail is rvgringo (at sign) gmail.com


  2. We have a '99 Nissan Pathfinder LE with leather and all the bells and whistles, including tow package and South Dakota plates. As we will be changing our INM status, we must sell it. It has about 77k miles, quite new tires and we'll hate to part with it. The price is $6500 and we'll have to go to the border together, as you know. If interested, send me an e-mail: rvgringo (at...

  3. Valerie,

    I have Ron's number, but would like to stop in and talk with him about some work I need done on my car. Where is he located? I thought he was near Soriana, but I haven't spotted his shop.



  4. Please add me to your list. I have a Mac PowerBook G4 running Safari as my browser.


  5. Who is your girlfriend and what agency does she represent? I may have a large Chapala Centro listing for her. Please give me her contact information; in confidence, of course.


  6. We're regulars for Friday breakfasts, with a group, and the others want to find a new place. After last week's breakfast, we don't blame them at all; it was terrible! Eggs were way under cooked, as are the potatoes, regularly. Home fries should be golden, not white.

    Service isn't getting much better & one must ask for every little thing, since the waiter can't...

  7. If you haven't found anyone, our maid's daughter (24) often fills in for her and is also looking for a job. She's quite good & can work without the need for English direction. She may be here with her mother tomorrow; but, in any case, you could call me at 765-6738 for contact......About 11AM. I think she's also registered with Rony (elbelgique). Her name is Lourdes.


  8. Instead of gringos wanting free lodging at Lake Chapala, please remember that Maria and/or Lourdes always house-sit and dog-sit for us, as well as other clients, when we travel. Yes, we have first dibs, but don't travel much.

    Have a Merry Christmas & hope to see you soon.


  9. Oops! Another reminder: With an FM2, you have restrictions on how long you can be out of Mexico in any one year, and in the five year period. Be careful not to exceed those limits. It can ruin your ability to become 'inmigrado' or to get naturalized.

  10. I'll have a very nice 1BR rental with DSL, Elec, Gas, Water, weely maid, etc., centrally located in Chapala, easy walking to lake, shopping, parks, bus stop or station. $500 USD. Available 3 Jan 2010.

    Send me your e-mail address if you would like photos.


  11. I may have a recommendation for you. If you speak Spanish, you can call Lourdes at her cell phone, 333-491-0731, or her mother, Maria at 766-0451.

    Otherwise, contact me by PM or phone (765-6738, and I'll get you all together.


  12. I know a young couple, in their 20s, who are looking for work; preferably live-in as maid and gardener/handiman. The young man, Freddy, is very personable and understands some English, having worked in California for five years. The wife, Lourdes, is the daughter of our maid, Maria, and has 'trained' frequently at our house.

    Let me know if they might be of use to you and I'll m...

  13. The seminar pushes a still unfinished condominium, which is being built by the same builder who has developed other nearby high density projects. I would not live in any of them, for many reasons. Just don't let the pressure and luxury treatment weaken your sales resistance & definitely don't buy anything that isn't finished and ready to occupy right now. Unfinished projects abo...

  14. Our property will soon be available, as health and age requires that we downsize. The property is large, and includes the casita already mentioned. The gardens are huge and we have three garages, two with automatic doors, and can park several cars inside. I can send photos if you would like, and we would be glad to show you the home when you come in July. We won't list until fall, so you ca...

  15. You might find Chapala more to your liking without a car. We have a casita two-three blocks from everything, including parks, malecon, mercado, bus & taxi, etc. Send and e-mail to rvgringo (at) gmail.com for details and photos. 1BR & ensuite, Kit, DR, laundry, LR, DSL, 2TV etc. Fully equipped; bring your toothbrush.


  16. I have a property available in Chapala which isn't listed yet. Excellent location. Interested? 765-6738


  17. Our maid, Maria, stays at our house overnight when we travel. She also works for Bob & Sandra on Wednesdays and will arrive at our house momentarily. She might fill your needs. Let me know.


  18. Continued.....

    As such, your comments are offensive. We've contacted Jesus Tejeda and have his quotes; no, we can't afford the 17,700 policy for her with high deductibles and whether or not anyone wants to compare with the USA is moot. We don't, and don't want to.

    Many others, like me, are much too old for Mexican health insurance don't have that option. You fail t...

  19. John,

    You just don't get it! My wife happens to have had to stay at home with an autistic son for 21 years, then her husband left her high and dry. She never worked more than part time, has no pension, no savings and no Medicare. I taught school, have a tiny pension and SS totaling less than most individual people get on SS alone. We survive & enjoy life until some asshole say...

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