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  1. Your post leads me to think that you may fit my demographic. I would love to start a social/support group of younger gringas in this area. If you truly fit the description, please write to me. I'm close to Soriana in Chapala. I'm from Ohio and work full-time online for an Ohio company.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


    I just need to expand my network, bu...

  2. How old is the mattress? Do you have a photo to share of the wood bed? Where are you located? Do you have any way to deliver in exchange for a small fee?



  3. Hi there. I drive by the old Chapala train station all the time, and I've never noticed a bazar in that area. Can you give me some very specific location info? I live near Soriana.



  4. Hello. A 'naco' is a red-neck, hillbilly, white trash... you get the idea. My husband is Mexican and received a "You must be a naco/red neck" joke email years ago that had us in stitches. (i.e. you must be a naco if you put ketchup on your pizza and you must be a naco if you have a dog living on your roof). I thought you might enjoy :)


  5. Hi. My husband and I live in Chapala (moved here in April from Ohio). We could connect you with our neighbor, Sergio (good guy). This is his work. He could help you. If you want to give us a call tonight, we are home. Vonage World 614-883-8382


  6. Hi Eleanor. I wanted to check back with you to see when you will need the piggy bank back.


    Katie Ibarra


    Francisco Villa #26


  7. Hi osuespirit!

    We had brief contact on this web board when I inquired about Big Ten football.

    My husband and I started volunteering in the Love in Action computer room last week. We are currently slated to work in the room Wednesdays from 6pm-8pm.

    We found in our first week, that the kids were desparate to get on a computer that had pre-loaded music to he...

  8. Hi Solaajijic. My husband and I just moved to Chapala at the end of April. We are big Ohio State fans. Do you have any idea how we can see Big Ten football games here? We have Telecable. Thanks, Katie

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