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  1. Homeopathy, which I have been using since the 70's, works. There is no one remedy for a specific problem. It treats the person, not the name of the illness. Your migraine headache, sore throat, or belly ache would have different symptoms than mine. I did not wake up one day and decide I like homeopathy. I tried it when I had a problem that allopathy couldn't help. It worked, so I tried it another time. It worked. I had an open mind, but not a stupid "belief" in it. I am 75 years old and am very healthy. Unlike most people my age, I don't take a bunch of meds, I don't have to run to the doctor often, but would have no hesitation using allopathics if my homeopathic treatment didn't work. The allopathic system often doesn't cure, it might alleviate some symptoms but the side effects of the meds can bring on more problems, which need more meds, etc. And BIG PHARMA makes more money. Homeopathy works to strengthen your immune system so the body does its own healing. No one person has the same makeup as anyone else. The British Royals have been using homeopathy for generations. They seem to do well with it, don't you think?
  2. I buy Premarin cream without a Rx at Farm Guad, Costco, Walmart, and various Farmacias. I really do not remember the cost-not cheap but not outrageous.
  3. There is a world of difference between Naturopahty and Homeopathy. Dr. Elizabeth must be a Naturopath with some knowledge of basic homeopathy. I needed a fairly common remedy recently which she didn't have and I noticed that her supply of homeopathic remedies is very small. Naturopathy works with herbal remedies. Homeopathic remedies can be made from herbs, yes, but it is not her biology. Homeopaths have studied many, many intensive years, and most never stop studying. It is a very complicated course of study. Many people confuse Naturopathy with Homeopathy, because they both do not use allopathic drugs. I am not aware of homeopathic colleges in Guadalajara, but you can check with Dr. Gabriel who has a store on the Lateral kind of across from Villa Nova. I am sure also that there are places in Guadalajara that give basic homeopathy classes. PM me if you want more info on practitioners in this area.
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  5. I moved here from Manhattan and never owned a car, public transportation there is excellent. I could walk or take a bus or subway to get anywhere. I lived here in Ajijic for about a year when I bought my first car ever. I had friends living from Riberas to El Chante and taking buses and taxis got tiresome. I love being able to zip from LCS to the Farmers' Market to HandyMail in one morning. I call Francisco Miramontes when I need a cab day or night if necessary. I LOVE having my car!
  6. On Anita's Animals website there is a tab: Pet Godparents.. it is a form a person can complete stating instructions of what the person wants for their pets [who will care fot them,etc..] AND a form giving detailed info about the care of the pet..

    Helpful to act upon BEFORE there is a problem. The form can be completed on the computer, printed out, given to the GodParent & copy ...

  7. I did get your other reply to my PM to you. I wonder if you and I know each other by our real names? I've been here since 95 and you say you've been here since 97, so probably we have met along the way. LaChula

  8. Hi--I just composed a reply to your note and I think it disappeared into space. I'll do it again. Thanks for your note. "Lexy"

  9. His name is Dr.Gabriel GARCIA, Vasquez is his mother's last name, but the father's last name, in his case GARCIA is the correct way to address him-but, everyone just calls him Dr. Gabriel. He is very knowledgeable. I use him for homeopathic remedies, I know quite a bit about homeopathy, and he is up-to-par. He also does acupuncture, but I haven't used him for that.
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