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  1. I am moving back to BC, Canada and this is what I was told to do by ICBC, the British Columbia auto insurer. I must have US auto insurance when I cross over from Mexico to USA. and it must also be valid for driving in Canada. I will buy a one month policy at Tio Corp for the insurance, that is the minimum policy I can get and costs about $145 USD. (National Auto Insurance Company and yes, it is valid for driving in Canada). When I cross over the Canadian border, if stopped by the police I could get tagged, but I will show the US car insurance, my Mexican car insurnance to prove that I have lived out of the country for 4 years, hopefully they will be understanding and let me pass. Immediately upon getting into BC - go to an AutoPlan broker and get BC auto insurance. I was told that I can use the same plates, that I have on the vehicle now and that I will get the same price for insurance as when I left (my driving record was checked and found no claims), and I will just get the sticker to put on the plate.


  3. HI Marsha

    this is off topic but I understand that you do clothing colours,or makeup. If so, I would be interested in speaking with you. Linda

    lindajdutton@gmail.com thanks

  4. Hi Julie, I think I spoke to you about those homes last year, but missed out. I would still be interested. Can you please email me


    Thanks BARLIN

  5. Hi fellow Canuck:

    Yes, I remember you and thank you for the cribbage board, we use it often!! I will check out the website you mentioned. So nice to hear from you.

    take care and enjoy Mexico.

  6. Hi Cheesehead

    thank you for your reply, very much appreciated.



  7. My neighbour, Cecilia Walters, is a real estate agent and works for Absolute Realty located near Superlake. Cecilia has lived in Ajijic for 30 years, speaks fluent Spanish and is conversant with Mexican real estate law. She is very respected within the Lakeside Community for her integrity and hard work. She is sick with flu at the moment, and don't forget that Xmas is coming so people h...

  8. Hi Sailor

    I would also be interested in the Xmas tour to Cancun by Magna Charters. Would you please send me more information.


  9. I use Dr. Gabriel and would recommend him for homeopathy. His initial consultation was $950 p. and lasted 2 -1/2 hrs.at my house. Since then I have reported into him by email or a visit to his store at least 5-6 times without charge over a six month period. I refilled the homeopathic formula three times without charge as it is included in the consultation price. I buy products from his store. His wife Angie - although not an MD is also very knowledgeable in homeopathic medicine.
  10. Hola

    I would be interested in seeing your house.

    In the meantime could you give me the street location.


  11. Thanks Trish

    Joan and I connected and the place is quite ideal for me. Much appreciated, Joan and I will keep in touch by email and then her return to Mexico.

  12. thank you I appreciate your reply.

  13. thank you I appreciate your reply


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