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  1. Was that Smokee's? If so, I think that store has been closed for years. There is another Smokee's in Plaza Bugamvillas. I believe Smoked passed away years ago.
  2. That sounds like what I did but they refused to take the FMM form and told me I had to go to Otay or San Ysidro land crossing to do that. Beats me . . .
  3. I'm not sure I understand what you are saying. I had the FMM form filled out in hand. I asked where immigration was and was directed to the opposite end of the baggage area from the CBX entrance. That was where I had entered the baggage area originally. The official there asked if I was a US citizen when I entered. There was a podium there with the INM seal. That gentleman was the official I returned to in order to turn in my FMM form. He is the one who told me I had to leave the airport and go to either the Otay or San Ysidro land crossing to do that. I stood by podium for awhile and another INM official approached me and told me the same thing...leave the airport and go to one of the land crossings, that they did not take the FMM there at the airport. So are you saying I should have left the baggage area and walked out into the airport itself where I would have found another INM desk that would have received my FMM form? It seems odd that the INM officers in the baggage area would not have told me that rather than directing me to a land crossing. One would believe they would know that. I'd like to understand what you are saying for future reference. Would you be so kind as to clarify, please, where the INM desk that does receive the FMM form?
  4. Yes, I believe I said that I was told that it you leave and return by the CBX you don't have to follow the normal procedure of checking out and checking back in through INM.
  5. This is a warning to residents flying to Tijuana and entering the U.S. via the CBX. I recently flew to Tijuana and crossed to the U.S. via the Cross Border Express (CBX) to catch a cruise ship out of San Diego. Before entering the CBX in the luggage claim area of the Tijuana airport I went to the INM desk there to turn in my FMM form as a permanent resident exiting Mexico. I was told that I could not do that there and in order to turn in the form I had to exit the Tijuana airport and go to a land crossing at Otay or San Ysidro. The gentleman at the entrance to the CBX told me it was not necessary for residents to "check out" of Mexico with the INM form . . . if they were also returning via the CBX. As my cruise ended in Fort Lauderdale I would reentering Mexico via Mexico City. As I had already paid for the CBX as well as a shuttle on the U.S. side and I was under a time constraint to be at the ship at a certain time, I decided to enter the U.S. via the CBX and deal with the consequences of not "checking out" of Mexico after my return. I still have to talk to a lawyer about that situation so as to not jeopardize my permanente status. I was quite surprised that there was no way to go through the proper procedure with INM at the Tijuana airport. I had researched a lot about the CBX beforehand but never came across any information regarding this. It never occurred to me I couldn't hand in my FMM form before entering the CBX. So this is just a warning to those who might plan to do like I did . . . exit Mexico via the CBX but reenter through another point.
  6. I highly recommend Dr. Gabriel Hernandez. He is at Casita Montana on the corner of the carretera and Calle Colon in Ajijic on Tuesdays. You can contact Ann Dyer at Casita Montana for appointment. He has a very good reputation and a very caring manner.
  7. I sent pm with my email address.  Please contact me regarding materials for Needlepushers.

    1. bdlngton


      I haven't heard from you but we are very interested in any materials you can get for Needlepushers.  Please email me at Susyguera@yahoo.com or call me (376) 765-7318.

      Susy for Needlepushers

  8. I have used Handy Artistic recently and so far am pleased with their work. It has been quite awhile since I've had Oscar do work for me but I was pleased with it back then. I don't know how the charges for labor compare between these two shops.
  9. I have used Handy Artistic recently and so far am pleased with their work. It has been quite awhile since I've had Oscar do work for me but I was pleased with it back then. I don't know how the charges for labor compare between these two shops.
  10. In my particular concert scenario the hearing aid user did not wear the device until arriving at the concert when they took it out of the case and started to try changing the batteries. So no being alerted by the hearing aid that the batteries needed changing before or even at the concert in this case.
  11. I am sure loss of hearing is very frustrating and isolating. I really should have said that it's hard for me to understand why those who can afford hearing aids don't get them and why those who have them don't use them, especially in social situations, like meeting with friends. I know they are not perfect. As I do not have a hearing loss I'm sure there is a lot I don't understand about hearing loss and hearing aids, but it is frustrating to me to be with somebody who has hearing aids but doesn't use them. Do they not want to converse with me even though we have agreed to meet? Is that rude and/or anti-social? Passive-aggressive? Vanity? Why would someone plan to go to a concert and then wait until they're there to try to change the batteries in their hearing aids? These are the types of things I find irritating. No need to reply as I know this is off topic. Just needed to vent. I do believe that everybody had a right to the best hearing possible just as they have a right to the best vision possible. But I also understand that glasses are a lot cheaper than hearing aids.
  12. Add friends to that list of those irritated. While I am sympathetic to those with hearing loss I do not understand why those who need hearing aids don't get them or why those who have them don't wear them. If you know you have a hearing loss and can improve it (and afford to do so,) why wouldn't you? And if you have hearing aids, why would you choose to not wear them in a social situation like having lunch with a friend or going to a concert? To me it makes no sense and could even be interpreted as rude, but maybe I'm not understanding something about the use of hearing aids. Sorry to go off topic a little but the above is based on several personal situations I have experienced and am trying to understand.
  13. I had a gardener once who had no idea that the caterpillars eating my passion flower vine would turn into butterflies. He could not understand why I didn't want him to spray to get rid of the "plaga." He had already worked here several years so this was not the first time we had gone through the caterpillar-pupea-butterfly. But he had what I refer to as "Mexican gardener blindness"--didnt see weeds, didn't observe the evolution of the caterpillars. He did manage to kill all the vines originally planted at my house when I bought it new. I tried to explain that I could replace the plants but I could never replace the butterflies. My first Social Security check went to paying him finiquito when I fired him. What a relief!
  14. Easy to meet people if you pursue your interests. Get involved in a charity that interests you and gives back to the community. Remember that age is not as important as attitude. My friends here span a 20-year range.
  15. Has anybody used the services of The Clean Spot for cleaning upholstery or rugs? If so, what did you think of the service and cost? Don't tell me about Spring Clean, please, as I already know about them.
  16. Based on my experience living in Bogota, Colombia, the washing was done on the scrub board side while the deep side without a drain was filled with water which was then scooped out with a bowl to wet the clothes on the scrub board side to then apply detergent to scrub the article being washed. Then water was scooped out of the deep side and poured over the garment various times to rinse it. You never put detergent or items to be washed in the deep side as it was ONLY for clean water, which is why it doesn't need a drain. A couple of interesting things: 1. In Colombia the deep part to hold the clean water is called "la alberca." Here in Mexico alberca is used for a swimming pool. The word for swimming pool recognized in all Spanish-speaking countries is "la piscina." Imagine the Colombians surprise and laughter when I said I liked to swim in an alberca. Since then I have always used the word piscina because every Spanish speaker will understand me and I won't be misunderstood as I was in Colombia.2. The concrete scrub board is very hard on clothes. My Colombian mother-in-law scrubbed the stripes right out of her daughter's shorts! 3. I have heard these lavaderos referred to as a "Mexican Maytag."
  17. Such a friendly tone in your response. Guess I should have said that I had never seen them available in Walgreen stores but perhaos they are only available online. I'll have to compare their prices with US Costco. Thanks for the info.
  18. I haven't compared prices of my contacts at Costco here to Costco in the U.S. recently but I know that several years ago they were definitely cheaper in the U.S.. I also never knew that Walgreens in the U.S. sold contact lenses. Are you sure about that?
  19. Have to agree. Dr. Rafael Rodriguez Blanco is a fabulous pulmonologist who treated me when I had a massive lung infection several years ago. I don't think you can find better.
  20. What is the cost per day on the roof? Is there usually space available?
  21. I didn't think there were any sewers in Riberas. I live in upper and we are all on septic. Years ago (maybe 6 or so) there were meetings talking about bringing sewers to Riberas but nothing ever happened. I do believe that the water that comes into our aljibes in Riberas is very high in minerals and has lots of sand in it. I think there was a second well activated several years ago but I can't say that I've seen a difference in the water. Cleaning your aljibe more frequently will help remove some of the sludge from the water.
  22. What are the alternatives locally to the pool in Riberas if one wants to do water aerobics and swim laps, especially year round? Many of the outdoor pools aren't good alternatives in the cooler months.
  23. This is the Yahoo group for the LCS singles group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/chapalasolos
  24. Are the water aerobics classes at the Racquet Club open to anybody? I was under the impression you had to be sponsored by a resident of Racquet Club to participate.
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