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  1. So are you saying that currently there is no admissions testing system and these cops were stopping and threatening to fine people illegally in hopes of getting a mordida?
  2. A friend wrote this to me today "I got stopped in a transit roundup today & got a ticket for no current emissions test. I’m working with a Mexican friend to go & get that. If you have a new car (my friends bought their Nissan March a year ago last December) do you need emissions checked every year? They’re wondering if they have to go in." I was under the impression that emissions testing was currently on hold and would not be resumed until at least June. Has that changed? Also how long until a new car requires emissions testing? A 2017? A 2018?
  3. I think there are two Dr. Garcias there, the primary care one and the orthopedist Dr. Garcia Garcia.
  4. Mariscos El Carnal almost never has customers. Hard to imagine their seafood is fresh since they must have very little turnover. There are quite a few better restaurants for seafood.
  5. Do you mean the Costco on Av Vallarta & Rafael Sanzio?
  6. Felipe is the best!! He figured out my oil leak that supposedly another mechanic had fixed.
  7. If you mean Centro Mercantil Villanueva on Pedro Buzeta, yes, they carry upholstery fabric. Parisina also carries some. There is a Parisina on the corner of Av Chapultepec and Av Mexico, right before you enter Santa Teresita.
  8. They do microblading at New Look in San Antonio.
  9. Yes, that's what I saw but it never occurred to me that they wouldn't have a service department. I wonder how people are to get Subarus serviced to keep the warranties in effect. I sure don't want to drive to Monterrey or somewhere to have a service . . . 'Tis a dilemma.
  10. I understand the Subaru dealership on Av. Vallarta has closed. By searching Subaru Mexico online I see a dealership listed on Av. Pablo Neruda. Does anybody know if that Subaru dealership actually exists?
  11. bdlngton

    New restaurant

    Because some prefer the taste of Diet Coke to regular Coke.
  12. I have been hooked on grapefruit for over a year, eating up to 3 per day sometimes, and have found good ones at Walmart. Price varies between $14-$19 per kilo. I don't know what kind they are but outside is mostly yellow with some pink, inside pink. I go for the largest and heaviest ones I can find.
  13. Where are they in relation to Letra CH restaurant?
  14. They do hand embroidery. I don't think they do machine embroidery. I'm looking for something like the ASA aprons. But thanks for answering.
  15. Is Oh Shirt! gone? I couldn't find them where I thought they were located and an email to their listed address came back as an error. Where else does custom embroidery, like on aprons?
  16. Riberas and Chapala open within the last 2 hours, no lines.
  17. Well, clearly there is my stupid error. I don't have a mailbox.
  18. Impressive how Tiny knows when the garbage truck passes in Riberas better than those of us who have lived here for many years . . . and apparently he lives in Guadalajara. Oh, to have that kind of clairvoyance. Not only would we know whether they were going to pass at all but apparently the exact time too. I wonder if he can also tell us when the municipio is going to fix our awful streets.
  19. I didn't know you lived on my street. Guess I'm just not smart enough to have figured that out.
  20. They sure didn't stay long in that one building. I thought they built and owned it, but apparently not. I am thankful to whoever built and owns it because it got rid of a squalid squatters place on that corner, sometimes with neglected animals.
  21. I've never tipped the garbage men and they have always picked up my garbage. I am not going to hang around staring at the street watching for them to pass so I can tip them. I pay for garbage service as part of the predial. Whether the municipio is paying too much for garbage service is not my problem. If the predial is not enough to provide the services the municipio offers then perhaps the predial needs to be increased or the services reduced. I do usually give for the garbage men's posada at Christmas, but again it's a question of being there when they pass. I do not plan my days around garbage pick up.
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