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  1. I would take the flea collar off. I don't like have something poisonous on my dogs fulltime. One of my dogs reacted very badly to one brand of flea & tick drops once. Hd was obviously itching a lot. I gave him Benadryl and bathed him where I had put the drops. And wouldn't you know this all happened when my electricity had gone out. So i had to stand him in the kitchen sink and bathe him with bottled water.
  2. I think I need the equivalent of Roto-rooter to do some work for me. Who locally does that? And what do you call the thing used to snake out a clogged pipe?
  3. What time does he start selling them?
  4. In Colombia speed bumps are called "policia acostada" and this would be the English equivalent.
  5. I know ViLuMa does that but I've not had them do it for me. I have had them do other things primarily related to doors and windows. They have a branch in Riberas called Vidrios de la Ribera.
  6. Do some research on establishing your tax home. Doesn't matter where you are, you must pay US federal income tax. My understanding is that Texas is a good one.
  7. I am looking to share a mailbox at one of the local mail forwarding services that has a Texas address. I really receive no mail but need an address in Texas or a state without income tax. I Currently I use my sister's address in California but I do not want to possibly be responsible to pay California income tax. I consider myself a Washington state resident but do not have a mailing address there.
  8. Good to know. I wondered what happened to them too.
  9. Too bad. I've often asked restaurants to turn down the music and they usually comply. The only time I've tried to eat at Purple Garlic was at their previous location and there was a live band at 6:00. We walked in and walked out when told it would go on until 8:00.
  10. Live or recorded music?
  11. Everything I've read indicates that this was the work of one employee at the San Miguel de Allende office of Monex, not a system-wide problem.
  12. Read up on establishing a "tax home" in the US. Which state that is might obligate you to pay state income tax as well as federal.
  13. A Mongolian barbecue restaurant.
  14. I was just going to post about deciding last night to not stay because of the extremely loud live music but I see others already commented about that. We were told the music would end at 9:00 but we were not going to wait about 1 1/2 hours for that. This would have been my first visit to Purple Garlic and I was driven away by extremely loud music. I do not understand the decision to have such loud music during prime dining hours. We went to M&J instead.
  15. I assume you are referring to speculation that it is a front for something else.
  16. Definitely not a schedule to attract the expat crowd for lunch. Maybe they'll change hours when snowbirds return.
  17. Just curious as I pass it all the time. Does anybody eat there? It always seems empty. Why? How does it stay in business? Has anyone eaten at another branch of El Carnal, like in Guadalajara? I have to wonder how fresh seafood could possibly be at a restaurant that never has customers. Being employed there must be an extremely boring job with virtually no tips.
  18. I want a toll road that takes off from the top of the libramiento, goes along the side of the mountains, and dumps you out west of Ajijic. Oh, and that doesn't leave a scar on the hills like that atrocity up on the hill across from Centro Interlago.
  19. So true. Usually people are either mayo fans (preferablg Best Foods or Hellman's but w/out limon) or Miracle Whip aficionados. I think there t depends on what you were raised with. I personally think Miracle Whip is disgusting.
  20. How about posting flyers in the area just like you would for a lost dog? Offer reward, of course.
  21. Perhaps everybody should just block this particular trouble maker.
  22. bdlngton


    Beautiful decor. Lousy pizza.
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