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  1. Does anybody know why Mexican Campbell soups are no longer available as widely and in as many flavors as previously?
  2. Mom's Deli sells pimento cheese. It was not like the pimento cheese I remember as a child but it might be worth a try.
  3. A mutual friend told me today that before Camille acquired her pug Bebo (was it 1 or 2 years ago?) she made arrangements that a nephew would take in the dog should anything happen to Camille. I hope that is correct and that Bebo will have a home where he is as loved and cared for as he was with Camille. He was her baby and always with her. May Camiille rest in peace and Bebo be welcomed into a new, loving home.
  4. I am so sorry to hear this. I assume someone is taking care of her dog Bebo. She loved him so much.
  5. No problem here in upper Riberas.
  6. Actually I believe the fish La Paceña usually uses in their fish and chips is cabezón, called dog fish or baby shark in English. It certainly is much better than the basa (catfish or panga fish from the Mekong River) that to many local restaurants try to pass off as sea bass.
  7. My contact lenses are more expensive at Costco here than at Costco in the US.
  8. As a former language teacher, I tend to use the tern "false cognate," but I don't think there is a difference between a "false cognate" and a "false friend.". Maybe the term "false friend" is more easily understood by people as the word "cognate" might be a more technical linguistic term and therefore is not necessarily known to those who haven't studied a second language. https://www.lingualift.com/blog/false-friends-cognates/
  9. That's what is known as a false cognate...a word that appears to be like a word in another language but has a different meaning. Reminds me if the time some people thought the Coca Cola plant was vacating their spot in San Antonio because of the big sign out front reading "Vacantes," which actually meant they had job openings.
  10. Why not take the bus to Guadalajara, catch a taxi to Costco, explore Costco all yoh want, then catch a taxi back to the bus station. If you're just doing a reconnaissance trip and not buying, bus and taxi are easy and cheap.
  11. I assume you mean teenagers from places like the US or Canada as obviously there are lots of Mexican teenagers in the area. Assuming you enroll your daughter in a bilingual school, she should meet both foreign and Mexican classmates to make friends with.
  12. I watch past episodes of SVU during the day on 190 on my Shaw feed. It starts at 11:00 AM and runs continuously throughout the afternoon. It shows about 5 episodes then repeats.
  13. Thank you. I was just going to ask why somebody is inclined to answer this way. Not helpful at all. Why can't they just say that $500.00 is very low rent for the area, especially for a two bedroom/two bath house with parking as described? Hopefully the OP has done or will.do research about rental availability and cost before moving here.
  14. Check out Got Stuff on Facebook. Julie and Wayne do estate and moving sales. Their prices are reasonable compared to some local second hand furniture places. Get on their email list.
  15. Handy Artistic reupholstered my sofa and two chairs, but neither of them a recliner. Happy with results.
  16. Oh, Camille, you are so wrong! But we've had thus discussion before.
  17. The right turn is actually right behind the Hotel One that is at that exit.
  18. The closest fabric store other than the one in Chapala is the fabric warebouse Textiles Capilla. This is on the highway to Guadalajara right after the La Barca highway. Watch for the Pepsi plant on the right and the warehouse is immediately following on the road that exits to the right. Real hit and miss as to what they have. In my opinion, the best fabric store in Guadalajara is Centro Mercantil Villanueva on Pedro Buzeta street in Santa Teresita. Large selection of all kinds of nice quality fabrics at reasonable prices. Also has notions section and some yarn. Even carries Burda patterns.
  19. I'm permanente and again I was told by the immigration officials in the baggage claim/CBX area that there was nowhere to turn in FMM form for exiting Mexico at the Tijuana airport and I would have to go to a land crossing. Already having my CBX ticket and a paid shuttle to the airport, I chose not to do that. I reentered the country through Mexico City. So I didn't check out but did check back in. I asked Spencer McMullen about this and he said to hold on to my documents for that trip in case there is ever a question.
  20. That's what they told me when I tried to hand in the FMM before crossing the CBX -- go to a land crossing. I was told there was no place at the Tijuana airport to hand in the FMM. That waa a little over a year ago so things might have changed.
  21. I can't imagine any native Oregonian (and I am one) honking their horn.
  22. bdlngton

    La Toscana

    Does anybody know if La Toscana has opened at their new location on Ocampo in Ajijic?
  23. I am looking for information on licensing a vehicle in South Dakota. I believe somebody posted here or in another group recently about waiting for their South Dakota plates. If you know the process, where to find information or whom to contact in SD, please let me know. I believe it is Clay County, if I remember correctly.
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