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  1. Can I put my Mexican home in a US Living Trust? What is required? How about Mexican Bank Accounts?
  2. Anyone have any recent experience/knowledge about crossing the border there? It should have a lot less traffic than Laredo but is the passage safe there without the Cuota? Thanks.
  3. how do you order deliveries from walmart?
  4. When they installed my new high speed modem (I signed up for 30 speed) I had troubles. After an hour on the phone with Telmex techies, they told me how to change the InfinitumB19E modem name to TELMEX. And it's worked fine. Now, a couple months later, I want to add a new computer and the WPA on the B19E modem doesn't work. I'm not sure if the techie gave me a new password at that time, but I can't add any other laptop to the TELMEX wi-fi. I've tried calling Telmex and they've disconnected from me FIVE times. Any other ideas? I have a new roomie who I can't connect to my internet. Thanks. Blue
  5. Anyone know someone who can do faux painting on a wall? I've heard about Victor Romero but don't have any contact information for him. Anyone have it or can recommend another artist. I'm not looking for a mural, just some faux painting. Thanks.
  6. I had a friend who did this and then she died 3 months into the year. Her family was not able to recover the prepaid rent.
  7. Thanks everyone for your advice. I will contact a lawyer. I don't want to end up in a legal battle.
  8. Yesterday my gardener asked me for a 50% raise. Since I've not been happy with his work, I declined. He then said I would have to pay his finiquito (retirement). Then he left without working. "If I don't get my raise, or finiquito, I'm not working." Am I in any jeopardy if I hire another gardener? Any other ideas? It looks to me like he's quitting if he doesn't do his work for "how long?" Then I am not responsible for finiquito, correct? Thanks for any input.
  9. I know he spent a lot of time on this forum. Gary died two days ago in his home -- probably of a heart failure. His kin has been notified and I am trying to notify those of you who might have known him. He was a special person and died without any pain. He has been a long-time friend of mine and I will miss him. Blue
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