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  1. Yes I've travel to many areas in mexico, I would say with so many other needs for our area that this project could have been far less costly and without hindering traffic in areas that are already screwed up and I'm well aware of the political pockets that could be enhanced by this $%&/()ic over the top project! Obviously not!
  2. this is venting but this project is insane,with sooo many other needs of infrastructure many roads are hardly passable , open grates in roads and side walks, missing signs and traffic lights not repaired for weeks at a time and this project will have plants needing maintenance they will soon be weeds . And the traffic mess and much less parking. I have been watching the construction in Chapala and the thickness of the bicycle path will not last a year. I have vented now and and do I feel better,not much. This is one of the most wasteful project I've seen in Mexico!
  3. there is a agricultural store in Chapala 1 block North of the soccer field and a 1 block West nice folks some english
  4. went today to city hall so I decided to check how much my taxes will be for 2020 last year 2119. P this year 3823. P close to double, no major changes in the property. I'm thinking about hiring a lawyer has anyone had any success in that endeavor we get so few services I'm pissed !
  5. Very good friend is going there as I speak and it ain't free it is extremely expensive very very expensive
  6. I would think that building a home in mexico would be very beneficial instead o f buying in dollars, because you are buying the house in pesos just my 2 pesos !
  7. have instrument panel cluster needing some attention goes blank and the comes on i think the electronic board needs some help where? suggestions
  8. have instrument panel cluster needing some attention goes blank and the comes on i think the electronic board needs some help where? suggestions
  9. I have lived in Brisas for about 15years nice place, nice breeze most of the time the fracc. has been run fairly well for a # of years not to bad in the mosquito department, security is not to bad, my only gripe is the road maintenance it is almost non existent if they.would spend some money on the roads i would be somewhat more positive i am living in the fracc. now and I have no plans on leaving. Regards
  10. Don't know, but she was very caring person !
  11. I have a polycarbonate roof on my patio it is16 years old. I modify the roof about 7 or 8 years ago I first coated it with permeability paint then I laid in the wet paint a polyester fabric, then after that another layer of impermabilty. It has done very well and after the rainy season i will have it painted again. I will probably get a couple more years out it , not bad for 5 year life product.I got the products at the paint store near AutoZone , and used polyester not fibreglass fabric.
  12. I will have to disagree with you lakeside . I went last Monday the 22nd , we entered from Morelos and shopped for several blocks in each direction and found it clean dry and pleasant, and every vender (several) i talked with favored the new location over the old location. I stopped going to the old location because the street condition and the hill and it was certainly dirty. That's my take and I hope its stay at the new location.
  13. went to THE Monday market in Chapala, New location what a welcome change so much nicer and cleaner!! I talked to several retailers and they said the same. I hope it stays at the new location !!!
  14. It is on Monday and is located near the soccer field .when you enter Chapala coming from Guad. it is on the right hand side of the road near the pemex station !
  15. the principle street in Chapala is a disgrace you must put on your seatbelt to drive down Madero or be toss out of your car, it has been this way for several years, embarrassing
  16. Most my other life i was a roofing contractor ( 40 plus years ) your question is too broad for a definitive answer but for starters always seek positive drainage.
  17. are there any shops that refill ink cartridges seems like they have all disappeared, did a search all info is very old ? T I A
  18. I have a monotonic p/m it's adaptive, saved my life, there are inexpensive devices that work for but with limited features do your homework it's your heart ask questions, learn ! I got mine thru the V A and a thank you for your service.
  19. I just got home ,transito all over Chapala i was on my motorcycle they were pulling many folks over,I just waved i didn't get pulled over. i did see 2 moto officers pull over a guy on his motorcycle, helmet on his arm not on his head and they were writing him up!
  20. Yes I live in a fracc. with it's own well, the reason for the question is i have heard of a large fracc. near where I live is having water supply issue also with there own well and wondering about the water table in this area and also conservation.
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