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  1. I'm really trying to find people that are using sky for there internet??
  2. Does anyone have any experience with sky TV internet service ? Please share ⚠️
  3. Telmex can't keep our wifi on, it is off more than it is on really s#:ty service ⚠️
  4. I wonder if las brisas would get it also??
  5. I used an (o) instead of a (d) so the correct police would have something to do ⚠️
  6. Ricardo his # is 3321570266 he is in the green blog. He is a very nice guy and very fair ⚠️
  7. Most all gravel, cement, and other material trucks are overloaded, causing brake failures and road damage, it would be nice and smart if transito would apply there investigations efforts on other violations other than only looking for gringos without seat belts attached. There are so many safety violations on Mexican vehicles its truly dangerous, yet they concentrate on paper work and seat belts, I see so many vehicles with nonfunctioning brake lights which in my opinion is a mortal sin !! I'm venting I need to stop, Drive defensively ⚠️
  8. I'm thinking about joining Amazon prime Mexico just wondering If any users have opinions to share shopping, movies, music TIA Phil
  9. How much rain did we get last night, at our house it came down in bucketfulls
  10. Come on folks we don't need another pissing contest ⚠️
  11. Stop by a pharmacy near a major hotel in Chapala to pick medication and the price seemed extremely high, i called a friend that was going to buy the same meds and he purchased it at 100. Pesos less from the same pharmacy just different locations, this pharmacy is located in a new hospital , wondering why????? FYI
  12. Wondering where to get INR BLOOD test and approx.current cost ? Tia ,Phil
  13. Wondering where to get INR BLOOD test and approx.current cost ? Tia ,Phil
  14. Is the J and J vac. available in jalisco for purchase of otherwise ?
  15. I somewhat blame some responsibility on transito for not enforcing helmet laws among other things related to motos !
  16. Seems like the government always leaves lose ends for mordidas they create a problem and then they try to fix and the folks suffer !
  17. Some interesting comments ! And I have 2 new awards! Thanks folks for your great comments and no infighting BRAVO😁
  18. Called Adrian yesterday and he came to my house today in fact he called me to say he would be a little late, fixed my problems . Really a obliging nice guy 😊
  19. Trying to find Adrian phone number please!
  20. Wondering, flying to T J and walking across bridge as a Mexican with proper papers, is it allowed at this time? TIA
  21. Where to buy pradaxa or eliquis and best prices TIA, Phil
  22. I have lived in los Brisas for 15 years all in all good place. Water is good for many years drank right out of the faucet no problem have filtered system now. We've had few problems with stealing but as in any area due diligence is required! all in all well satisfied with the fracc. If you are concerned with the property your considering hire an independent engineer to review the property your considering! Regards, Phil
  23. I'm old school i have a tire gauge, I've had two motorcycles with the tpms both were a pain in the butt. I check my motorcycle tires almost every ride, my car I have one tire repair guy that I trust check the pressure in my car tires.
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