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  1. In my opinion a dual sport moto is the best way to travel in Mexico the kawasaki klr is a economical , cheap to keep motorcycle the only thing about the dual sport bikes is there tallness you need to be somewhat tall to mount the thing. I am riding a BMW street bike and I wish it had a little bit more suspension, that being said, just my opinion ride what you like⚠️
  2. yes, I was surprised and happy to see the fullness of the test, I had a friend in McAllen Texas run into a truck with no lights in the back at night he died Almost instantly and I see that here all too frequently and transito just let's that pass⚠️
  3. Wife took our car in for testing today, she shared that it's not only for pollution they tested almost everything brakes looked to see if spare tire was inflated and many more items. When you go to your appointment have your car up to snuff or you will get another appointment. Our car passed (2016) model but she said many did not pass. Maybe they are getting serious about safety as well as the environment fyi, phil
  4. Many riders do not wear helmets, I partially blame transito for NOT enforcing that law, I passed by the body of the rider across from the pemex condolences to that family. Families of riders standup make your family member ride at least with a helmet and trasito shame on you⚠️⚠️
  5. Yes I know, I was joking with a friend, Dan he sold his motorcycle. I also have a pickup that's gets 40mpg 🤗
  6. Just buy a nice motorcycle mine gets 52 miles per gallon 😉
  7. I got money from CI bank yesterday (Friday) at 9:30 am in the past it seemed to seldom have money but it has improved as of late. Still when it doesn't have bucks I get pissed ⚠️
  8. HSBC bank across from walmart is closed anyone know why ?
  9. We had one that size in our backyard last week, and we have a very smart dog (still) 🐕
  10. Oh boy, another pissing contest don't just love em ⚠️
  11. Hi, if the crappy service continues I might sign up for telcel service and drop temex altogether frustrated I've heard from people in haciendas that they (temex) is working on improving service, maybe we will be included, hopefully
  12. I'm really trying to find people that are using sky for there internet??
  13. Does anyone have any experience with sky TV internet service ? Please share ⚠️
  14. Telmex can't keep our wifi on, it is off more than it is on really s#:ty service ⚠️
  15. I wonder if las brisas would get it also??
  16. I used an (o) instead of a (d) so the correct police would have something to do ⚠️
  17. Ricardo his # is 3321570266 he is in the green blog. He is a very nice guy and very fair ⚠️
  18. Most all gravel, cement, and other material trucks are overloaded, causing brake failures and road damage, it would be nice and smart if transito would apply there investigations efforts on other violations other than only looking for gringos without seat belts attached. There are so many safety violations on Mexican vehicles its truly dangerous, yet they concentrate on paper work and seat belts, I see so many vehicles with nonfunctioning brake lights which in my opinion is a mortal sin !! I'm venting I need to stop, Drive defensively ⚠️
  19. I'm thinking about joining Amazon prime Mexico just wondering If any users have opinions to share shopping, movies, music TIA Phil
  20. How much rain did we get last night, at our house it came down in bucketfulls
  21. Come on folks we don't need another pissing contest ⚠️
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