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  1. Seems fairly understandable on public areas like road ways and other public areas not supposed to be used and on your private land example your owned lot or your own garden you may used it is your call I hope that is understandable,
  2. Faena was banned for use in public areas on your private property it Is legal to use ,that is my understanding Regards
  3. I think that should be done and there is power in numbers, the fraccs get very little help from Chapala, I think chapala needs to step up and start giving to the fraccs just my 2 cents
  4. Need to borrow or rent a wheelchair for maybe 3 or 4 weeks info, please
  5. Yes, I saw the same yesterday I thought it was a good advertisements piece for the nursery, only the red paint needed brightening up !
  6. There is a couple of roofing products that are fabric one is fiberglass the other is a polyester fabric I have used both in my other life, polyester is my product of choice
  7. Awesome product and Great service
  8. The light store has a led light bar that is rechargeable we use it, mucho light, the store is near where the cow was on mandero
  9. I have prescription meds from v a at my brother's in U S can and how do I get them to me in Mexico
  10. I am wondering who is responsible for the placement of speed limit signs, coming into to chapala from Guadalajara a new sign 30kph tis a new sign I dropped down from 60k to 30 and was almost rear end by folks coming from Guadalajara, several new signs are appearing and some are a joke. Now I know the signs are just a suggestion but I have a favorite it is in my fracc 10kph 10 I can hardly ride my motorcycle that slow and keep it up. Sorry I'm just ranting I still would like to know what government agency is responsible for placement of speed limit signs and how they justify the speed Phil
  11. Organizational skills are not something that is a top priority, me thinks
  12. I would like to set the record straight I found nothing negative about intercam ! I was investigating all the options and was really wanting a Mexican credit card which they do not offer. I have several from the states but with no borrowing history from Mexico it is difficult to get without waiting 6 months to a year. I'm still looking. Regards, phil
  13. I totally disagree with you but that's nothing new, intercam is not a real bank it is a financial institution and financial institutions may issue debit cards and they can thru a real bank possibly get you a credit card but it will be the banks card not intercam. I just spent 3 hrs dealing with intercam last week and THEY DO NOT issue credit cards period. (edited by mod, you should have stopped with period. Next time do so.)
  14. I don't believe intercam is truly a bank. I was just in intercam offices last week and they do not issue credit cards just a heads up !
  15. Would you please share the paleleria that did this service
  16. Directions to the Avis long term parking lot. When you enter the airport entrance be in the right hand lane when come to the traffic circle exit right then left on what I call a lateral, when you see the avis sign turn right and you will see I believe 3 gate entrances enter and save the stub you get then park and walk up to the office there you will get there van and they will take you to the airport when you've done it once it's a peace of cake Phil
  17. I park at the Avis parking lot kinda behind the large Avis car rental place, fairly reasonable and they provide a van to take and return to and from the airport
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