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  1. Fiber optics installed 1.6 down AMAZING ( Not ) in brisas 50 down lasted 4 days before fibre I had 12 down be careful what you wish for⚠️
  2. Amazing before fiber optics 11 to 12 down after installation 38 down next day today 8 down why
  3. Ibarra my install went flawless and Johan is a pleasure to work with, what a nice young man ,thanks for the info. He set up everything, Gracious
  4. I thought I had an appointment for 11 am Friday I waited, nothing ⚠️
  5. I use augente I am actually leasing there equipment I pay about 17. U S per month for unlimited treated water and they maintain all there installed equipment and they are well organized and prompt every so often they check there equipment, very well satisfied Regards
  6. Didn't know that. will think about joining ?
  7. Not much on it and way to many commercials, ridiculous so ⚠️
  8. Looking into having my Belgium shepherd pup get some schooling any ideas or recommendations Tia phil
  9. It just reminds me don't get in any big hurry to follow a new law( well thought out) because it will most likely change or be forgotten about 🤯
  10. Seems fairly understandable on public areas like road ways and other public areas not supposed to be used and on your private land example your owned lot or your own garden you may used it is your call I hope that is understandable,
  11. Faena was banned for use in public areas on your private property it Is legal to use ,that is my understanding Regards
  12. I think that should be done and there is power in numbers, the fraccs get very little help from Chapala, I think chapala needs to step up and start giving to the fraccs just my 2 cents
  13. Need to borrow or rent a wheelchair for maybe 3 or 4 weeks info, please
  14. Yes, I saw the same yesterday I thought it was a good advertisements piece for the nursery, only the red paint needed brightening up !
  15. There is a couple of roofing products that are fabric one is fiberglass the other is a polyester fabric I have used both in my other life, polyester is my product of choice
  16. Awesome product and Great service
  17. The light store has a led light bar that is rechargeable we use it, mucho light, the store is near where the cow was on mandero
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