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  1. It is most all done by satellite  and I went last year and questioned my increase in charges and one nice guy went over the picture of my property and awnings were not chargeable  at that time , my bill  was reduced  the fellow  was really nice. Were you investigate is behind  the counter  were you receive you tax bill.the 👍

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  2. I have notice in central  chapala  the  new roadwork  in just 2 blocks on the semi finish side they have eliminated  approx. 6 to 8 parking  spaces  and at the main intersection  they have made so narrow  that buses  will be lucky to navigate a turn going  west, Amazing design  just my 2 cents 

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  3. I use augente I am actually  leasing  there equipment  I pay about 17. U S per month  for unlimited  treated water and they maintain  all there installed  equipment  and they  are  well organized  and prompt  every so often they check there equipment, very well satisfied 


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