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  1. The French pastry shop has been closed for several days is this permanent or temporary
  2. I just keep riding my motorcycle
  3. Did you ask the Goodyear dealer for advice
  4. Just saw this new construction behind the new hotel across from chapala haciendas, just what this construction is for??
  5. Goodyear in chapala I have used them for 20 years always have been pleased 👍
  6. Sad,sad news he was a kind and generous friend. Condolences to his family
  7. It is most all done by satellite and I went last year and questioned my increase in charges and one nice guy went over the picture of my property and awnings were not chargeable at that time , my bill was reduced the fellow was really nice. Were you investigate is behind the counter were you receive you tax bill.the 👍
  8. I have notice in central chapala the new roadwork in just 2 blocks on the semi finish side they have eliminated approx. 6 to 8 parking spaces and at the main intersection they have made so narrow that buses will be lucky to navigate a turn going west, Amazing design just my 2 cents
  9. Anyone know of a store in the lake chapala area that sells fireworks?
  10. I have sent a email to Telmex my installer has been a no show for 2 days now my download is a joke and ⚠️
  11. For a long time stay the taxi is the way sm1mex is correct
  12. I park frequently at Avis behind there rental agency then they bus you over, huge parking lot and not too pricey Phil
  13. Please I'm old, how do I open a private message I've lucked out in the past but not today Phil TIA
  14. Got a whooping 0.88 down amazing telmex , I will be calling someone tomorrow this is a fiasco for sure can't watch anything thru my Amazon fire ridiculous ⚠️
  15. Fiber optics installed 1.6 down AMAZING ( Not ) in brisas 50 down lasted 4 days before fibre I had 12 down be careful what you wish for⚠️
  16. Amazing before fiber optics 11 to 12 down after installation 38 down next day today 8 down why
  17. Ibarra my install went flawless and Johan is a pleasure to work with, what a nice young man ,thanks for the info. He set up everything, Gracious
  18. I thought I had an appointment for 11 am Friday I waited, nothing ⚠️
  19. I use augente I am actually leasing there equipment I pay about 17. U S per month for unlimited treated water and they maintain all there installed equipment and they are well organized and prompt every so often they check there equipment, very well satisfied Regards
  20. Didn't know that. will think about joining ?
  21. Not much on it and way to many commercials, ridiculous so ⚠️
  22. Looking into having my Belgium shepherd pup get some schooling any ideas or recommendations Tia phil
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