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  1. I have a standing appt. with Kenia for Reflexology also and since I have been using her my feet do not hurt anymore. 765-5015 333-390-2876 She speaks pretty good English and so does her husband if he answers the phone.
  2. Anyone have Oscar's phone number, have a friend looking for it.
  3. Imss gave me Permarin years ago for free. 0.625 mg and they also gave me a substitute called Elrredin estrogenos conjugados 0.625mg, both are pills.
  4. Oscar is twice and sometimes 3 times higher in price than Miquel, we have tried to try him but he is too expensive.
  5. I disagree, most homes do not have filter systems. We brush with tap. We shower in tap. We wash our dishes with tap but in the rince water just add a couple of drops of bleach to sanitize. Also more importantly than the water make sure you soak your fruit & veggies with either bleach or a soaking solution.
  6. Yup Agua Javier is only 15p and he is very reliable. 331-453-2221 we have used him for 4 years.
  7. We recommend Dr. Lazaro Cardenas, he was recommended from someone on this board and we really liked him and he did a good job.
  8. We have a friend that has one of those water filter pitchers and Bonafont had alot of debris in the pitcher, I asked her to try Miguel water from Javier and there were no black specs in the water pitcher. Bonafont is expensive and over rated but I like the bigger jugs and all the water guys have all kinds of jugs.
  9. Javier with Agua Miguel is very reliable and you can hear him coming a mile away with his speaker that says Agua Javier 331-453-2221 $16p a bottle.
  10. I have a Whirlpool and #1 on mine usually cooks between 300 and 350 that is the one I use most, if I put it on 2 it goes up to 400 and 450. Last time my bananas were ready I made 33 loaves and only used the #1 setting. I also ordered another shelf from Tio Sam's about 3 years ago for $200p.
  11. We got a 765T

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