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    Fish Tacos

    Looks like Guadalajara?
  2. 6 of us had lunch today and 5 out of 6 were not impressed, I had to go home to find something to eat. 3 of us had the grizzle arrachera salads with maybe 4 small slices of fatty meat, I had to spit it out it was so bad. Lettuce, orange peppers a couple of tiny grape tomatoes and hot zucchini. $75p for iceburg lettuce, not even a fancier lettuce, no dressing. Menu limited. Service boys were good. Our group won't go back, I felt bad because it was my idea.
  3. Took us a few days but we are all set up and will put the turtles in manana. Weird photos loaded backwards.
  4. Ok and where did you get all your supplies.
  5. Those of you that have ponds what kind of filter do you have and where did you purchase it? Thanks
  6. Any updates on this thread or should I go to the lake to get plants for my new turtle pond? Anyone have a turtle pond?
  7. Gloss in San Antonio New Look in San Antonio
  8. And that is why they say we are having so many power outages, hope you have solar.
  9. How do you say that in Spanish?
  10. Go to the pool supply place and get the chlorine tabs and put them in your aljibe.
  11. Dr. Sergio Najar in Guadalajara is who Wayne changed to after the same results with Dr. B. Najar is a very good Cardiologist. He is at San Francisco Hospital and it is easy to get to.
  12. Lety's Adelita's Ajijic Tango Lake Taco The New Tony's C.
  13. I second Claudia and she is not working but 2 days a month at Bellon, they will tell you their price per your needs.
  14. I have found that when you go on Chat you need to use a VPN to hide where you are at. They told me they couldn't help me until I returned back after my vacation. I think I had a newbie going by the book.
  15. SOSE doesn't show up. The guys at Central Laguna did and seemed very reasonable.
  16. They are rip off artists also, they told a friend they needed to replace spark plugs on a new car. We have used Escalera for years also but the person that fixed the major part was Felipe next to Telecable in Riberas. Have had a friend at Francisco and the guy next to Super Lake and they have screwed up and held her car for weeks with no fixes. She went on vacation for 3 weeks and Francisco had her car the entire time and they didn't touch it.
  17. Yup, never again, we had a major part replaced, took 3 weeks to get it here, they used a wrong bolt and it slipped loose, then ended up replacing the entire part somewhere else for a little cheaper and all is good now. Never again.
  18. It is the same street as the bus station is on heading to the main drag, I don't know my streets in Joco, I just know how to get around.
  19. You can license them in Joco, at least years ago you could.
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