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  1. HoneyBee, was it easy enough for you to install? Thanks
  2. So what is the cost from Home Services for everything? We are moving and the tank on the roof is going to be very difficult to get to and Wayne won't go up there, he will make me.
  3. Wayne went yesterday at 12:58pm and was done at 1:10pm and he got all that was needed all paperwork and stickers.
  4. I guess I should have not shamed people but I am very disappointed in this community and no I will not be reading any negative comments.
  5. What a wonderful Memorial that Ann and Marty, Charlies son put on today. Shame on all of you who knew him for years that did not show up for the event! it was lovely and Ann & Marty had set up lots of chairs that were not even needed, had it catered with wonderful food and drinks. Very ashamed of this community’s support of such a great man. Despite the cold and rain, 5 minutes before the memorial started Charlie had the sun shine through for everyone that attended. Fred Harland the MC did an awesome job! We met Marty, Charlie’s son for drinks afterwards since we hadn’t seen him in years. Still disappointed in the attendance!!!
  6. We are shocked also, she was just here house sitting.
  7. hensley


    Anyone have an updated phone number, need to make a reservation for a medium group and I have 3 phone numbers and none are good. 331-877-6313 This one finally worked after calling for 2 days. 331-877-6314 331-877-6343
  8. That is a great photo of him, thanks for letting us know. We knew him for about 12 years and he was a doll, we never did get to see him act, but we saw him getting on the bus all the time with his cigar in hand. He use to ride the bus to the beach to meet one of his daughters every year. Whenever I saw him he would say there's my girl. He will be missed!!
  9. We have this nice set for sale 57 pieces for $1800p. 7 Dinner Plates 7 Smaller Plates 7 Salad Plates 2 Platters 4 Large Bowls 3 Small Oval Bowls 1 Gravy Dish + Spoon. Butter Dish with Lid 5 Bowls 3 Smaller Bowls 1 Large Pitcher. 6 Coasters 6 Tumblers 4 Coffee Mugs
  10. Internet not working that great today. Anyone know what happened to Dr. Don, my neighbors are quite concerned. Thanks
  11. Has anyone heard about what happened to Dr. Don? Please inform, my neighbors are coDAnyoesncerned.
  12. I will tell you what happens, you are shit out of luck, we have had Spanish speakers call and I have all my receipts and they say after 3 years that it is registered to Uber now not me now. It is a crock and yes we lost money. When it did work it would work most of the time to the border and then when we returned it would not work at all, then I would call and they said put another $200p on it and it would work again sometimes, but now it belongs to Uber for some reason, so somehow, I have the tag but someone else owns it, and we have explained this over and over that I am the original owner of it and they don't care.
  13. Our boys only do local moves and the price is $700p for the truck and $250p per hour for the 2 boys, not each. We have a larger truck that hold quite a bit and the boys can really pack it. 333-953-7583 Julie Thanks everyone for the recommendations! They are only available after 5:30pm weekdays or After 1:30pm on Saturdays, Sunday's depends on the Sunday.
  14. I have read info but not finding what I want, on International flights can you fly with quite a few hearing aid batteries in your check on luggage? Thanks for the input!
  15. Nevermind we went and it was open, traffic moved nicely today.
  16. Anyone know if it is open today?
  17. Diablim I think is the name on the libramiento behind Pemex, they have lower prices. Opens at 8am.
  18. Well I tried it on the app and it says $166.71 and the $139.99 included taxes, I guess I will have to call.
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