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  1. ISO an apple i phone 8
  2. I thought I was first? I responded right away!
  3. Did you come up with a price?
  4. Are your receivers the 800 or the 830? If so interested.
  5. We asked our advisor at Multiva if MX has something equivalent to FDIC and he said yes, but I don’t remember the name now.
  6. If you want to get on our email list send me an email, we always have furniture for sale. julieywayne@yahoo.com
  7. Yup we were in it, took us over 2 hours to get home last night, but all the cars were gone when we got there.
  8. I get 2 different HBO but I don't see Showtime.
  9. I have the platinum package, so we get like 93 channels, all the US stations. The person that just quit my account, I might be able to get her receiver for a very fair price, then it is already programmed, then all you need is an antenna. I have a guy but not sure what he charges for installation, I could ask him. You can email me directly for more info. julieywayne@yahoo.com Thanks
  10. I have an opening on my Shaw Account if anyone needs TV. Please no negative posts or advice.
  11. Friend moved in a week ago and all is fine for her. Rumors love to fly in this community.
  12. I have to pay house taxes, first time. Where exactly do I go and what do I need to bring? Thanks Simapa, I think I can just go to San Antonio and take last years payment?
  13. What is this one: The PVC circulation card goes from 260 to 269 pesos.
  14. Or you can call us at 333-953-7583. Thanks everyone.
  15. Usually when she moves she sends out an email. I haven’t received one.
  16. If you can pick them up we are in Chapala, we have about 4 you can have. Message me for directions.
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