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  1. This is somewhat off topic; Does anyone know someone who can repair my in-home water distiller?
  2. Would you mind sharing the fee's that they charge.
  3. Yes,I could have phrased it differently.Try again...Does he charge by the hour, or by the size of the lot, I've never had a "Real" gardener, only 'handymen' Oh, never mind, I'll give him a call.
  4. Important to some of us ....How much does he charge for a once-a-week work on a small, simple space in San Antonio?
  5. Thanks for this information, can you let us know how much the fee is? Can it be added to the price of a return ticket?
  6. Taxi from San Antonio to Rio Clinic in Guad. for a scan cost 1200 pesos. The driver did wait for me, and was helpful. Could have taken the bus for 50 pesos, however the circumstance was stressful enough, so on this occasion my usual frugality took a back seat, literally.
  7. Thanks all, I'll call him right away. Muchas Gracias.
  8. Need new set of quality handle's and locks for my wooden front entrance door. We're in San Antonio. If you know of a locksmith who provides quality work, please share information.
  9. You can see their promotional when you bring up La Pluebita, on their attractive website, apparently this is part of an American development company, and will be built after their American model. It's not clear( to me) whether these units are for sale, or for rent. You'll have to wait until January 2019 for further viewing I believe.
  10. Hi Amanda, may I make a suggestion? One of the best ways to make new friends is through volunteering. You mention your photography hobby, there's also a photography club that meets weekly, or you could mentor seniors who would like to improve their skills. Hope things work out for you.
  11. Chillin...thanks! This is most helpful information, I was able to bring up the list, and bookmark it.
  12. Chillin, useful information, however I've been unable to find the website that you mentioned that lists the "266" conditions covered by Seguro Popular. The websites that came up are in Spanish, I know, I know, my problema.
  13. I have deleted my post. According to the two individuals who responded, it seems to be too controversial a question.

    I am requesting you to please remind some posters to abide by your rules, and behave in a civil manner, as laid down by your rules. These individuals have responded with personal attacks, so I can see where a perfectly logical question is heading.

    Thank you for all the work that you do,this website has been most helpful to me over the years.q

  14. Just an interesting aside.... it's a well-known fact that the British Royal family use homeopathic remedies for all that ails them. Must be something in it, Queen Liz is nobody's fool.
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