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  1. Update: Ron and his team have been a tremendous help! They initially tried to solve my issues remotely, but in the end had to come to my house. His team drove all the way from Guadalajara to my house in Boca de Tomatlan and back in the same day. The cost to me was well worth it as they identified and solved the most urgent issues. Still some outstanding issues that should be able to be solve remotely. Great team that really knew what they were doing. I totally understand now why so many people have posted such great remarks about Go Solar. Finding this WebBoard has been nothing short of awesome.
  2. Update: Since my last post I have signed the document at CFE that will start crediting the power generated by the panels. I have a bidirectional meter and it shows 13.6 MWH of power that the panels have generated. I was told by CFE to expect my next bill in March to show the credit. However, that is only part of the problem. I don't believe the solar installer knows what he is doing. We have a Growatt Hybrid Inverter, 2 2.5 KWH lithium phosphate batteries and 8 450 watt solar panels. However 2 solar panels were never connected to the solar array because the installer believed the Growatt SPH 4000TL BL-US could not handle the extra power. I did some research and found this inverter can handle up to 600 Volts DC input which should be adequate for my 8 solar panels. I also believe the installer did not know how to manage the charging/recharging of the batteries. Over the last three days the 2 batteries have been discharging even though we have grid power. The batteries are now completely discharged , so if we lose grid power we have no backup. I need a solar expert that can come to my house and inspect the system and explain to me how it works. I have no documentation, instructions or anything that can help me. I am currently going after the installer thru PROFECO, but that takes time. Can you recommend anyone in Puerto Vallarta that can help me. I have a mechanical engineering degree and my maintenance person has an electrical/mechanical engineering degree. So if we can get someone to help us we can learn how to maintain the system moving forward. Everything is under warranty. if we know how to troubleshoot issues we can maintain the system. Thanks in advance for any help
  3. Does anyone have the contact information or website information for Go Solar?
  4. Thank you so much! I will have my maintenance person look at the meter. He is an electrical engineer, so he will know what to look for. I do know he has looked at the bill but there is no second line for the power sent to CFE as you indicated. I personally think the solar installer doesn't know how to solve the issue with CFE. He did inform me that CFE is not counting and crediting the solar power to the grid. He never informed me about reading the meter. The information you gave me on the bi-directional meter is a great starting point. As I posted originally the data logger from the hybrid inverter shows how much power that was sent to the grid. I do know that the solar system is delivering 10.2 KWH to the grid every day. I am in the United States and will be returning to Mexico on January 18th. My maintenance guy is on holiday leave but will return this weekend. I will send him the information from your post. I'll provide an update once I have more information.
  5. I have a question about CFE net metering. I had a new solar system with a hybrid inverter with battery backup installed this year in Boca de Tomatlan, just south of Puerto Vallarta. I have a bi-directional meter but my CFE bill does not reflect the solar power sent to the grid. The GroWatt system has a data logger so I know exactly how much power is going to the grid. My installer contacted CFE but nothing has happened. My CFE bills are going up and are higher now than before the solar panels were installed. My installer said some special form is needed, but I can't seem to get what I need. I am frustrated and I am tempted to go off grid. Wondering if getting legal service would help. Anyone have any suggestions or advice? Thanks
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