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  1. I have a friend who swears he saved her sight and another who was totally badly misdiagnosed. A toss-up. I used Dra Marianna at Quality Care for my cataract and am very pleased.
  2. I have a Telcel modem - no fancy wiring - and very little down time. No complaints at all.
  3. I am so sorry for the confusion. I removed the post
  4. For car keys and actually all keys Aragon is the best. IMHO
  5. I really don't want to shred my own carrots. I'll give Pancho's call. Thanks
  6. Has anyone seen shredded carrots recently? SuperLake always had them but none for the last 2 weeks and the clerk said she didn't know when they would have some. Near Riberas preferred.
  7. I understand that Barbara wants you to be the one to help her, but a home health nurse might be a blessing for you both. Talk to Mari Guzman at Chapala Medical 331 197 6375.
  8. An excellent less expensive alternative is Under the Tree in Joco. Director Hector Ibanez 331 062 8952. There is also a facility in Chapala, I am looking for their contact information. One day at a time
  9. I am going to answer your question. Lakeside Shopping Service doesn't take credit cards. Sounds like maybe a scam they would like to know about. Contact Gerardo Dominguez lakeside.shopping@gmail.com I thought maybe a charge at Hola! might show up as 'Lakeside Shopping' but checked my bank statement and it does not.
  10. Since they don't take credit cards, this sounds fishy. Have you bought anything from Hola! Market? Owned by the same people. I'd email or call them because this doesn't sound right.
  11. Thanks. Not sure what I did wrong??? I think I used Cesar AND handyman which didn't work.
  12. My phone had to be replaced and when I saved my phone contacts to GMail, it only saved about half. I am trying to update my lost contacts and two of them were referrals from this Board. I can't find them using the search feature so wanted to see if anyone has them. Both were excellent workers I used several times. Cesar Silva Martinez general handyman lives in Chapala Manuel (Miguel?) del Toro plumber who replaced my broken gas line and has fixed several plumbing problems Any help is greatly appreciated.
  13. I've been thinking about this, and I'd take the cat to the Vet for a general wellness checkup. A drastic change in behavior is often a sign of something amiss but I have no suggestions as to what it might be.
  14. IMHO the absolute freshest produce is found at the Tuesday Farmer's Market. Some is organic and all is the freshest I've found. There is also a booth that sells seeds, nuts, spices and other goodies. Plus booths with organic meats, fish and dairy products. And much more.
  15. Fred, something to consider maybe in the future would be a home health aide for night time care.
  16. I haven't gotten a paper Telmex bill for 3 months. I was getting 2 or 3 every month which was confusing because most had already been paid. Now I'm getting none. I pay using my phone# at the Oxxo but would like to see a bill. Anyone else???
  17. Ask at small stores in the area. Hair dressers are especially good because they tend to hear all the local gossip.
  18. I agree, that's disgusting. I suggest you post the photos on the local Facebook pages about pets. They get a lot more views than the Web boards and someone might know the person so they can shame them..
  19. I agree that's quite a markup but keep in mind that WalMart has their own products made to their specifications and that quality control is very low on the list. I figure I pay a bit more even though the increased bug parts per million from WalMart probably do add a little protein. We went to Pancho's in Riberas a year or so ago and ordered salmon and salad. It wasn't inexpensive. Got a decent but not generous portion of fish and a few lettuce leaves with a couple of cherry tomatoes. No rice, no bread. Haven't gone back.
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