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  1. In the pastI have gone to the big refill station east of Chapala, mountain side road a across from the water ski park. Some of the regular gas trucks will take your tank & get it refilled there, returning it the next day.
  2. But they were still doing delivery only.
  3. Just tried to order delivery & Msg says closed. I thought they were still doing deliveries. Maybe this is old Whatsap #.
  4. I enjoyed Hotel Trebol. Large very clean rooms. My king bed was actually 2 queens together. Breakfast is included. It is 1 block from main plaza & 2 blocks from the huge Mercado. I would suggest 3 nights there to enjoy the city. Some great restaurants on 2nd floor overlooking the plaza & church.
  5. LCS audiologist charges $1000.00 pesos for test.
  6. Juan delivered to me in person Wed am
  7. Is their an audiologist in Ajijic for a hearing test? If so what is the cost?
  8. Can anyone tell me if CFE Chapala is open on Sat? If not what time do they open on Monday.
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