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  1. Except I did not recieve any money to write bad publicity like others writing in social media and even bribing news media and local authorities. I dont put my name because im scared of this corrupt country and the bad people behind this. Like I said, this people will do anything to get money. Just trying to get a honest version out there.
  2. That´s my opinion and I´ve been living in Ajijic for more than 20 years, I know the people involved. All I can say is to wait until the investigation continues but what I know is that there is money involved and Omar is being extortioned. Really Sad
  3. This is all rumors. Mexico is very corrupt, give money and you can put someone in jail. This has nothing to do with Orourke other business. It´s strictly about Centro Laguna. Omar did nothing but make Mr. Donald the orignial owner a great investment, Donald invested in Omar who is a great visionary and actually made this mall a very successful project, the daughter husband was very jealous of Omar because Donals loved him. Daughter came in and her and his husband which hated Omar decided to play him very very dirty. He did not deserve to go though this. Fake news and rumors is all there is. Corruption, extortion and injustice is what this is. People that know Omar know him for his great projects, hes a very hardworking and honest man. It´s very unfortunate and sad that these guys pulled this off. Im happy to answer any questions. Don´t believe what the media says, they got a good ammount of money too.
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