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  1. My mistake. I thought you were being forced to move your message to La Cocina.
  2. So he sells food and other stuff. We are not talking about food preparation, eating, etc. What if I want to post that I was in Grocery Store X and I found it to be dirty and only one cashier was open, or any other complaint?
  3. Why are comments about a grocery store in La Cocina. It should be here.
  4. It is BAD. I remember when there were no traffic lights in Ajijic. Yesterday it took me 20 minutes to drive from Ajijic to San Antonio for a 9:30 dental appointment. If I were 60 again and wanted to move to Mexico it would not be to Lakeside
  5. This is for those of you (us) who are in the area in Upper Ajijic area where several streets are having their water shut off so street repairs can be made. At 10 AM this morning I checked my aljibe. At that time the water was coming in and my aljibe was almost full. Checking with a friend, who checked with his friend in SIMAPA Ajijic. This is what he told me..."I (we) had water coming in since last night hoping the aljibe is full because they are starting work on it today, for the next 4 to 5 days."
  6. I have it on order. Expensive but will see how it goes.
  7. Good to know. Over many years I found it to be the best to kill Leaf Cutter Ants.
  8. I liked Home Defense but it is no longer imported into Mexico, which is what I was told by numerous stores.
  9. So, while we were conserving water to the extreme this past week SIMAPA was doing nothing. My aljibe was full this AM. Now, they want us to repeat extreme conserving for another week.
  10. All I can say is that in 19+ years I have never fumigated.
  11. In front of the LCS there is often a man selling them.
  12. Very good news. I can hardly wait for the first concert.
  13. Are you sure they are closed. I know the office is no longer open for scheduling gas for the home. What time were you there? If the large gate was open you can still drive in an get your tank filled as always. I live two blocks from there and will keep my eyes open.
  14. I give up. My original mail came from WhatsApp and I have played with so much in sending notices locally that it is now a mess. Here is my translation for the important part. Next Tuesday, November 22 to Friday, November 25, SIMAPA will carry out maintenance work on the water infrastructure. For this reason there will be suspension of service in the streets: Emiliano Zapata, Encarnacion Rosas, Felipe Angeles, Lazaro Cardenes, Juarez, Angel Flores, Felipe Angles, Revolucion.
  15. Be warned...if you live in the area. Scroll down to see the message. It is in Spanish.
  16. I just checked mine. After two years with Telmex Upload = 50.12 and Download = 21.60
  17. Wow, I am impressed. I plant Milkweed and always have a few fluttering around, but I have never seen more than that.
  18. As usual my old brain left out something I wanted to add. It appears that the workers at that site are working around the clock. A friend drove by a week ago at midnight and they were working. I walk every morning on the cyclopista around sunup and they are hard at work.
  19. Thanks Maincoons. Let's hope the governor is correct.
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