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  1.  It's really unfortunate that your bank would not reimburse you, Lexy. It really stinks. That should be a real wake- up call for those of us that use atms.   That said...We used to use Lloyd/Actinver in Ajijic and Chapala. Wrote a check and went through their somewhat lengthy process to get pesos .Seems like a hundred years ago.....But it worked pretty well as long as you were patient.


    Is that still a viable way to get pesos these days? Or is that pretty much antiquated now?

  2. On 9/11/2023 at 10:29 AM, barrbower said:

    Here is an update on a new traffic headache about to happen.  Allen W. Lloyd street, which is the intersection in San Antonio by Cafe Negro, will soon be a two-way through street connecting the libramiento and the carretera.  It is designed to help reduce the flow of traffic through the horrible WalMart intersection designed by Jalisco state government.  The city thinks this shortcut will help overall traffic.  If you have ever gone to El Parque, Lakeside Little Theater, the San Antonio panteon, or other places along this street, you know it is already a bad intersection.  The street narrows as it heads north and also there is always traffic on the restaurant lateral trying to get out to the highway.  People can't seem to figure out how to leave room for cars turning from the highway.  There are new "no parking" signs on the east side of the street but cars still park there.  Now you will have cars and trucks taking the shortcut from the bypass near El Dorado to get to San Antonio and WalMart, as well as the reverse, to add to the traffic knot that already exists.  Sorry for those who attend the theater, school, and residents of El Parque because your lives just got harder.

    The state should just admit failure and bulldoze the WalMart intersection and just install a traffic circle.  What a waste of resources...


    What specifically is so bad about this intersection? I'm not doubting you at all, just simply curious. 

  3. 31 minutes ago, Ferret said:

    There is always bumper to bumper traffic on the carretera except before 9 am. The crazy intersection at Walmart and the crazy drivers trying to make left hand turns where they shouldn't are the culprits. The Joco bypass has nothing to do with it.

    I meant did the Joco bypass significantly ease the traffic in Jocotepec? Is the traffic between Chula Vista/ Mirasol  towards Chapala frequently gridlocked as well?

  4. There was years ago-is it still? We used to get half a chicken, salad, a stack of tortillas and sometimes the marinated cucumber slices in lime juice as a bonus. Very cheap, filling, healthy and tasty. A steal, actually IMO.


    The street food stands (one near GDL Farmacia) on the careterra and the ones in Chapala Monday Tianguis looked really good and smelled wonderful. I miss it.

  5. On 8/10/2023 at 3:30 PM, Jreboll said:

    If they happen to find a polyp how do they extract it?

    Then you have to have a regular colonoscopy. You'll wind up paying twice. I know, that almost happened to me. I was prepped and ready for the procedure when the doctor informed me that they would not be able to remove any polyps they found. I went through the usual prep procedure and had the anesthesia just as in a regular colonoscopy but was 8,000 pesos lighter (then). No idea what they cost now..... So for that reason, I wouldn't do a virtual colonoscopy unless the prep procedure is a lot easier and the cost is a lot less. Maybe then...

  6. 2 hours ago, hkrause said:

    There is a Facebook group (if you use FB) called "Lake Chapala Restaurants." They have a list of local restaurants, locations, meals served (B/L/D) with links to their websites and menus. Good way to get a feel for types of places and menu prices, which might be outdated, but it gives you an idea of options. Looking at that list, here are SOME of the food types available:

    Mexican (various)
    Steak house
    Italian / Pasta
    Pub grub (wings, nachos, etc)
    Seafood (many)
    Argentinian Steakhouse
    Burgers & fries
    Pizza (many)
    Cafe / Deli
    Chocolate (specialty)
    "Tex or Cali" Mex
    Brew Pub
    Chinese / Asian
    Mongolian grill
    Coffee shops (everywhere)
    Food trucks & taco stands
    Roast or grilled chicken (many)
    Fried chicken
    Delivery only (various)
    Upscale and dining "experiences"
    Ice cream shops (many)
    Go Bistro weekly features (Japanese, Indian, French, Greek, Caribbean, Cajun, etc)
    Indian / Curry
    Breakfast featured (LOTS)
    Fish & Chips
    Vegetarian / Vegan
    Gluten free
    Bakery / Deli
    New York Deli & bagels

    This is just around Lakeside... Going into Guadalajara opens the world of food, including lots of chain/fast food restaurants and imports from elsewhere in the world.

    Places Lakeside vary from little roadside stands, food trucks, and dirt-floor restaurants up to fairly elegant. We have a food court at the mall with various options (burgers, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, ice cream, Subway), Prices range from a few pesos per individual taco up to fancy meals with alcohol that rival US prices. Specialty places might not equal some that you've eaten at and loved elsewhere, but quality tends to be very good with most places using fresh ingredients. Loads of seafood places, but hard to find crab or lobster and it's expensive when you do. Prices have risen lately because of inflation and a stronger Peso, but you can still find good value if you search... especially at places a bit further from GringoLandia. If you want to eat for less, feature breakfast/lunch places when you dine out for your main meal and save dinner for cheap places, snacks, or dining at home.

    Many places offer take-out, or will gladly box your leftovers to take home. There are several delivery-ONLY options that popped up during covid and continue now. The Traitte app offers home-delivery from a good selection of restaurants (kind of like UBER Eats or GrubHub). Some places have their own delivery without the added fees. Dominos and other pizza places will make sure you can get your pizza fix at home.

    There are many places to shop, from little "Mom & Pop" corner stores, up to major one-stop places like Walmart & Soriana (everything from groceries to electronics to home appliances and motorcycles). Weekly "tianguis" (open-air "farmer" markets) are available that offer a huge variety of clothing, cleaning supplies, produce, household goods, electronics, and more. Several specialty/import stores (Gourmet Garage, SuperLake, Pancho's, etc) provide products from "back home" for a price that can make you gag... If you REALLY NEED those Oreo cookies or baked beans, you'll be shocked at the price. If you want to cook at home, you'll be pleased with prices on many fresh produce items, especially if you shop at the neighborhood markets. Poultry and some seafood is reasonable, while good quality steak will set you back some. Sometimes you have to search a bit for things you're used to, like good ground beef. If you need certain packaged goods, it's nice that the convenient OXXO stores don't ream you like a QuickTrip back in the US. Learning to shop at the small tiendas will save you money overall, they're convenient, and help support locals instead of big corporations. If you live outside a controlled-access development, especially if you're in the village, you'll often have produce and other food vendors drive past your door selling items, so you can even shop from home... a great option with reasonable selection of basic fruits and veggies.

    Hopefully that will give you a good idea of what's available, in general. Giving specific prices is hopeless as things have been changing fairly quickly in the last year. 

    Great informative post, thank you very much. You mention Quick Trip. You must be from Wisconsin. We lived in western WI for 4 1/2 years, shopped at Quick Trip often.

  7. 4 minutes ago, Usvetsinmexico said:

    OK well it is what the poster was asking for. And until someone else does it than she has the best data. But be free to redo it and show how it's changed. I wonder why I just didn't just keep sending private messages to those I help to avoid the verbal abuse of this board lol. Get a life please. 

    Right, I merely wanted to know if you ate well there, not instigate an online brew-haha.

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  8. 12 hours ago, Lou Quillio said:

    If I recall, you can use the pods if the manuals says so, but they're more detergent than a countertop needs. These little guys use only about 4 liters of water. A modern, EnergyStar, full-sized dishwasher might use 15 liters, and an old skool dishwasher 45 liters or more. A bottle of liquid dishwasher detergent would be more economical.

    Naturally, like any dishwasher, never, ever use dishwashing liquid (like Dawn). You'll regret it.



    Yes, I tried that years ago...soap suds everywhere, what a mess.

  9. 15 hours ago, NoVaDamer said:

    Just looking at Ajijic, which has a population of 11,500 (plus gringos), I count at least 100 restaurants, cafes, and bars. And there are very many different types of cuisine on offer. Quality does vary, but poor-to-average places don't last due to the competition. Lakeside may have more good restaurants per capita (!) than anywhere on the planet. It's certainly in a class by itself for a small Mexican village.

    Great to hear. Are there any good mid-priced Tandoori (Indian) restaurants?

  10. This thread is probably subjective as "pretty well" means different things to different people and may actually belong in the Food/Cocina category but  is specific to the Lakeside area. Is there a good selection of low-mid priced restaurants? Good affordable takeout options along with good grocery options for cooking at home?


    And some good splurge options for a great dining experience once in a while?  I left out good "street food". Often delicious, nutritious and really affordable.

  11. On 7/23/2023 at 4:32 PM, Mostlylost said:

    What are you paying 1% ?

    Perhaps you could investigate a US card co that has no foreign transaction fee.  Capitol One is one of many

    Does anyone use their American Express card regularly on Mercado Libre? If so, do they (AmEx) charge the foreign currency transaction fees?

  12. 5 hours ago, ACD said:

    I am very happy in Mexico and, for me, the Lake Chapala region is idyllic. Unfortunately, it attracts many from Canada and the US who bring the sort of baggage from which I seek to escape. Bottom line: great choice if you can avoid the gringos.

    That's the biggest problem I had as well.  I fear that if certain "electoral events" ( I'll call them) transpire in the next year and a half in the US, Mexico and other Gringo-popular places will be deluged with  NOB escapees. Ones that are able to escape, that is. I'll surely be one of them, hence this post about what's really changed there in recent years. It sounds like the traffic is a real PITA. Not something I had to deal with then. Bumper to bumper traffic was virtually unknown to me then-sounds like a regular occurence now.

    I can remember sitting through several series of red lights in Chapala waiting to turn left.....that was about the worst of it then.

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