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  1. It's really unfortunate that your bank would not reimburse you, Lexy. It really stinks. That should be a real wake- up call for those of us that use atms. That said...We used to use Lloyd/Actinver in Ajijic and Chapala. Wrote a check and went through their somewhat lengthy process to get pesos .Seems like a hundred years ago.....But it worked pretty well as long as you were patient. Is that still a viable way to get pesos these days? Or is that pretty much antiquated now?
  2. What specifically is so bad about this intersection? I'm not doubting you at all, just simply curious.
  3. If you live in either Chapala or Jocotepec (and conduct most of your business in either) will you be minimising the bumper to bumper traffic to a pretty good degree?
  4. On the other end of the carreterra, has the Jocotepec bypass reduced the local traffic in Jocotepec substantially?
  5. I meant did the Joco bypass significantly ease the traffic in Jocotepec? Is the traffic between Chula Vista/ Mirasol towards Chapala frequently gridlocked as well?
  6. Is there a lot of bumper-to-bumper traffic on the careterra particularly at certain times of the day? I 'm guessing Ajijic and San Antonio would likely be the most congested areas. Did the bypass in Jocotepec make a pretty significant difference with the traffic in town?
  7. 24.31 pesos per liter with 4 liters per gallon, $1.40 USD per liter x 4 = $5.60 per gallon. Is that correct? If so, I'd be driving a very small 4 cylinder car and walking everywhere within walking distance.
  8. Just read a website stating this as of 28 August.. Is this correct? If so, it has to be a terrible strain on a lot of Mexicans' finances.....
  9. Anyone familiar with this procedure? Or is this only available in Guad? Any information will be greatly appreciated.
  10. There was years ago-is it still? We used to get half a chicken, salad, a stack of tortillas and sometimes the marinated cucumber slices in lime juice as a bonus. Very cheap, filling, healthy and tasty. A steal, actually IMO. The street food stands (one near GDL Farmacia) on the careterra and the ones in Chapala Monday Tianguis looked really good and smelled wonderful. I miss it.
  11. Then you have to have a regular colonoscopy. You'll wind up paying twice. I know, that almost happened to me. I was prepped and ready for the procedure when the doctor informed me that they would not be able to remove any polyps they found. I went through the usual prep procedure and had the anesthesia just as in a regular colonoscopy but was 8,000 pesos lighter (then). No idea what they cost now..... So for that reason, I wouldn't do a virtual colonoscopy unless the prep procedure is a lot easier and the cost is a lot less. Maybe then...
  12. Or if no Nutiva, does Walmart and/or other places sell other brands of the virgin coconut oil locally?
  13. Great informative post, thank you very much. You mention Quick Trip. You must be from Wisconsin. We lived in western WI for 4 1/2 years, shopped at Quick Trip often.
  14. Right, I merely wanted to know if you ate well there, not instigate an online brew-haha.
  15. Do they sell either of these locally or are the dried ones basically a Costco item in Guad? They usually come in a 3 or 4 lb. box.
  16. And if so, do you recall what it cost for the various size containers it comes in?
  17. Yes, I tried that years ago...soap suds everywhere, what a mess.
  18. Great to hear. Are there any good mid-priced Tandoori (Indian) restaurants?
  19. This thread is probably subjective as "pretty well" means different things to different people and may actually belong in the Food/Cocina category but is specific to the Lakeside area. Is there a good selection of low-mid priced restaurants? Good affordable takeout options along with good grocery options for cooking at home? And some good splurge options for a great dining experience once in a while? I left out good "street food". Often delicious, nutritious and really affordable.
  20. Could get a whole lot worse after Nov. 2024. I hope Mexico is ready for potentially large-scale NOB "escapism". I suppose time will tell......
  21. Does anyone use their American Express card regularly on Mercado Libre? If so, do they (AmEx) charge the foreign currency transaction fees?
  22. That's the biggest problem I had as well. I fear that if certain "electoral events" ( I'll call them) transpire in the next year and a half in the US, Mexico and other Gringo-popular places will be deluged with NOB escapees. Ones that are able to escape, that is. I'll surely be one of them, hence this post about what's really changed there in recent years. It sounds like the traffic is a real PITA. Not something I had to deal with then. Bumper to bumper traffic was virtually unknown to me then-sounds like a regular occurence now. I can remember sitting through several series of red lights in Chapala waiting to turn left.....that was about the worst of it then.
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