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  1. Nessa

    Keto options

    Thank you for your reply. We have no issues with the homemade food but I am really craving a desert and I suck at baking.
  2. Nessa

    Keto options

    Keto diet is low in carbohydrates and high in fat and protein. I have some health issues and I can't eat sugar or carbohydrates in general. Usually they use almond flour instead of regular flour for baked goods and stevia plant and monk fruit as a natural sweetener that doesn't contain regular sugar. There's lot of restaurants in Guadalajara and big cities that offer those options but I was surprised there was none here despite so many restaurants per capita.
  3. Nessa

    Keto options

    Hey everyone. Anyone know any restaurants or stores that have keto options on their menu, especially baked goods (deserts, bread). I have asked at a few "pastelerĂ­as" but they looked at me like I had three heads and just got off a spaceship.
  4. Thank you for your replies. I heard that the US is not accepting any non vaccinated travelers as of Nov 8th. I would fly to the US but I don't want to risk being denied entry because of me not having the vaccine. Fyi I'm Canadian. Has anyone been able to travel to the US without a vaccine record after Nov 8th. How was the experience?
  5. Hello everyone. I am a permanent resident of Mexico and I could not get my vaccine on time. (For my age group) I submitted a request to vaccinate with my Curp on the Gov site where they ask for your email and address, but so far no replies. Anyone know if there are any drop in centers here where I can get my first dose? Gracias.
  6. I can recommend you my architect, Juan Carlos, that is finishing 7 apartments for me. He also speaks English. He's from Mexico City and has done big projects for Bimbo, Coca Cola, Costco. I hired another architect from Guadalajara before him and I ended up with so many issues with leaks and structural problems. The guy took the deposit money and left me with a huge mess. He also won't answer the phone anymore. Juan Carlos has done an amazing job at cleaning up the mess he left and he's also now a full time resident of Chapala. Here's his contact info: Chapala.arq@gmail.com +52 333 371 0213
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