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  1. I'm just off Colon/Ocampo and mines been out since yesterday at ~3pm...
  2. There is a lighting store in the 1st floor of Plaza Bugambílías that has a stack on them in the front window
  3. Google Maps allows you to download an area to your phone so you do not need cellular for navigation in cellular dead spot areas… Note: Do this when your phone has wifi so as to not use your data GBs… Click the three bars on the left and one of the options is “Offline Maps”…
  4. Steren at Laguna Plaza has a selection of small batteries... https://maps.app.goo.gl/K9VbnZxP4yzJPEwM6
  5. Sounds like you got the basic lens in one eye... Could you share the cost?... Do you know what the cost would have been with a multifocal lens?...
  6. There is a Telcel vendor on the west side of Aijijic Plaza (Next to Chile Verde)… It is run by two very nice ladies (One speaks perfect English)… I walked in an they set me up with a SIM card and Amigo 200 plan in 15 minute (Sim 129 peso plus 200 peso for month of data). They also handle prepayments to maintain the plan… I now give them 1,000 pesos for 5 months of service (5 x 200)… They give you a receipt with the date to come back before it runs out… You can choose any monthly prepaid plan and any amount of prepayment you like…
  7. You could buy a basic LTE wifi router that accepts a SIM card… Use a basic Telcel prepaid plan for 150 peso/month… These routers are usually powered by a USB dongle so you could buy a simple power bank and daisy chain it to provide backup power in the event of a power outage… One caveat to this or any cellular solution is that the cell towers also get the power cut in a power outage… I live in downtown Aijijic and when the power goes out my cellphone loses its data… My guess is the cell towers go on battery backup and will only function for calls and not data… Next time you have a power outage try to use your phones data to see if it works…
  8. Amazon has a large selection... https://www.amazon.com.mx/s?k=gas+grill&i=specialty-aps&rh=n%3A21210579011&crid=5NVI5GR0T7WI&sprefix=gas+grill%2Caps%2C389&ref=nb_sb_noss_1
  9. If you can get the files on your computer or tablet and it’s only a few pages us this app for free… https://www.gotfreefax.com
  10. On the 13th I departed GDL-Huston and went to United Airlines counter first, showed them my Apps boarding pass (I checked in earlier using the app) and asked if I needed a stamped FMM card to depart… They looked puzzled and said that the app pass was all I needed… I asked for paper boarding passes too just in case… But they were not interested in anything to do with FMM… When boarding I just scanned my app not needing the paper boarding pass… No one asked me or anyone else for FMM…
  11. Did immigration hand you back a stamped portion of the FMM or did they just discard the whole form that they kept?
  12. Where and how much for the 40mg 30tablets?
  13. The OP needs text from his US bank for two factor security… Your saying a IPhone with a US cell number only needs an internet connection outside of the US to get texts by changing the setting you recommend?…
  14. Last night an aftershock woke me up at ~1am... Hard to get back to sleep looking up at all those bricks in my beautiful bovedas ceiling...
  15. You could just get a free Google Voice US number and receive calls and texts free thru the Google Voice App... They give you a US numbet
  16. Just get a free Google Voice number which give you free voice and texts from their app… and use that number for your banking and credit cards… I have mine Charles Schwab, Fidelity and my credit cards..
  17. Linking a pair of these would give you a pretty solid wifi link https://www.amazon.com.mx/Ubiquiti-Networks-LOCOM5-Nanostation-4-9-5-8/dp/B01DOIL8UA/ref=sr_1_2?crid=2PQ7XAJCWHIJ1&keywords=nanostation&qid=1663883825&sprefix=Nanost%2Caps%2C160&sr=8-2
  18. A recent arrival at Guadalajara Airport was not given his FMM Salida portion after being processed thru Immigration arrival… After returning to airport immigration a few days later he was told this was the new immigration policy!… https://www.facebook.com/groups/212463755765570/permalink/1790767031268560/
  19. Would like a small car for daily errands and such… I don’t want to deal with a used car and this is inexpensive… This is about 250k peso https://www.fiat.com.mx/mobi-2022.html Looks easy to park but not sure how it will hold up to all the cobblestone streets?… Anyone had any experiences with this
  20. Could you give the price you paid for the surgery and recovery?… Thanks
  21. If you don’t have any grandkids to help you you could just buy one of these… https://www.amazon.com.mx/Volteck-TEM-1-Temporizador-analógico-aterrizado/dp/B012890E7Y/ref=sr_1_52?__mk_es_MX=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=TFZXW0GPJFIP&keywords=Electric+timer&qid=1652131279&sprefix=electric+timer%2Caps%2C115&sr=8-52
  22. In one of my Facebook Mexico groups someone mention Unefon as a unlimited data plan for 300 pesos/month. https://www.unefon.com.mx/promociones/unefon-ilimitado.php Is anyone familiar with this carrier?… Is data truly unlimited?… They look to be a reseller… Looks like a AT&T reseller… Has anyone seen the Unefon sims for sale in a local shop?… https://www.nperf.com/en/map/MX/-/9921.AT-T-Unefon/signal/?ll=36.20882309283712&lg=-101.73339843750001&zoom=5 How is the cellular coverage? Any other options for unlimited data?
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