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  1. One last thing. When we do drive down the first time, it will be with our three medium-sized dogs, a cat, and a bird. Any thoughts from those of you who have driven with pets? I can't imagine the motels/hotels are pet-friendly, so I'm assuming they may have to stay in the car?
  2. Thank you all! I have the feeling, from your responses, that the folks who say that driving in MX is unsafe are the ones who haven't driven there. I'm hoping my house sale goes smoothly and I'm Lakeside by at least the end of October/November.
  3. What are the easiest border crossings and safest driving routes to Ajijiic/Chapala from Albuquerque. It doesn't matter to me where we cross in New Mexico/Texas, but I'd like the shortest/safest route. Thanks.
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