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  1. Hola Eric, 

    In response to your message awhile back: I am currently house sitting up the hill from Scallions' until Oct 4. I would like to house sit for someone for the remaining month of October into the first two weeks of November... maybe til the end of November depending on what happens with another potential sit.


    Are you wanting a house sitter or know of anyone? I have my references upon request and have a very open schedule at the moment. I've been living in spiritual community in Chapala, Ajijic and San Juan Cosala for about three years now.


    I am also looking for work, helping around the house, garden, and pet care to pay off an unexpected bill. Thank you for your consideration and have a blessed day! 💜 🐾 💟 🧚‍♂️  Namaste!! 

  2. Hola, I am new to this site. I've lived lakeside for a little over three years. 💞 I am looking for a house sitting assignment. I available immediately and have character references upon request. I would like to connect with those in the area that are home owners. know anyone looking for a house sitter? Thank You! 💜 God Bless!
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