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  1. On the windshield I think I just paid something nominal and they paid everything else....Need to check the T&C's exactly but the coverage is pretty normal...
  2. Yes...note one needs to review how many km's you drive...There's a breakeven point ..but if you don't drive that much the savings are huge...note there are other providers...just google "seguro por Km". Some of the other providers put a dongle on the car that reports automatically. I had one claim so far for a rock on windshield, no problem...you can read the reviews on the backstop insurer.
  3. If you don't drive that much check out Miituo. Its pay by Km and they reinsure with Atlas which gives fine service. You take a picture of your odometer every month. My last bill was 12 pesos because I barely drove that month!. Like 0.58 MXN per Km..
  4. Ofi5 in Guadalajara...Take your stuff there and watch them. https://goo.gl/maps/nnBmzb8LCSZDq1Hw8
  5. Adult Trike for sale in Rancho del Oro. Ideal for running errands on the carretera bike path. $5000 MXN 3331071859
  6. This place in GDL worked well for me: https://destruccionesofi5.com/contacto/ was cheap too...I did stay and watch them...but that was just me.
  7. The Chapala Plus direct line does have a schedule that is reasonably respected. The local lines theoretically run every half hour but they are subject to wide variation, especially when traffic jams up. The buses ARE equipped with GPS trackers that already report to the bus company security system, they know exactly where any bus is at any given time. But that info is currently closed. There is a spec, called GTFS, that can take that data and open it up to tracking apps one can put on a cell phone. Those apps can show you schedules, from the real time data show you when the next bus will arrive, even show you the current position of the buses. Its up the bus company and the community to make this happen. There is an expense in doing so, but its not that onerous. There are also security considerations and we have to respect those. We don't know what the bus company is willing or not willing to share, but if we can at least get next arrivals and departures in real time, would be a great improvement. The Ribera de Chapala has this incredible geometry that makes it a linear city. If you can get anywhere along the highway, about anywhere you want to go is only about 4 blocks either side. Most people don't like the uncertainty of the wait. They also don't like other things, like crowds and dirt. But imagine for a minute if you're away from Ajijic centro and want to go into town, or over to Wal-mart or San Juan. Its probably a short walk down to your closest stop. If the tracker app tells you when the next bus will be there, you can enjoy your coffee or shop a bit longer, and time your walk to the stop. Suddenly a lot of trips you might have made by car you're willing to hop on a bus. More rides on the bus means more revenue for the bus company, maybe more frequent buses, and higher quality service. And fewer cars going up and down the highway. We have a lot of visitors to the area without cars. Their quality of stay would improve. So thats the idea. We want to do what we can to encourage the bus company to do this. Maybe at first with some financial help from different sources so its not all on them. But once its implemented, I'm sure it'll be a good deal for them too. Please help by filling out the survey and giving us your best thoughts. We need energetic feedback from the community to make this happen. https://forms.gle/6n4EXwDwn66R4Cgx8 @Honeybee As you pointed out, just having good printed info on the schedules will also be helpful. That is low lying fruit and we are working on a doc. Thanks for your feedback.
  8. The bus company already has trackers on their buses, but there is a significant expense to add the General Transit Feed capability which enables tracking apps. Like any project, there's a business case to be made. The investment, payback in higher ridership, the benefit to the community, etc. The bus company didn't want to know how much we were willing to pay, we the organizers want to know. With that info we can make a thoughtful proposal. A good proposal will have everyone with a little skin in the game.
  9. Good evening everyone! A group of residents in the Lake Chapala area have entered discussions with the Chapala-Guadalajara Bus Company to create a bus tracking app. All residents in the Lake Chapala community are encouraged to complete this questionnaire to collect useful data helpful to proceeding with this project. https://forms.gle/6n4EXwDwn66R4Cgx8
  10. That would be about 11 450 watt solar panels at roughly $200 each.. A 5 kw decent string inverter for about $1300 dlls, Thats about $3500 in panels and inverter. Racking, installation, etc...maybe $1500. I'd think you could get it done for 5-6 thousand USD.
  11. Just use textnow.com service to get the SMS message to your free US number. Telcel has the best wireless coverage in Mexico. No need for a US cellphone number.
  12. I had a leak "somewhere" in my home in Guadalajara and had to call a specialized plumber with high-tech acoustic equipment to locate it. The house was built in 1978 and a galvanized pipe had finally corroded through in the middle of the floor of a back room. This guy has the equipment to find it: https://www.fontaneriasgdl.com/
  13. I've had good luck with the fellow in El Grullo...but I do recommend: - That you go and personally pick out the machine you want and take photos of the unit, the label etc. and make sure the unit he delivers is the one you picked out. He has a lot of machines in different shape. - Check the refurb status carefully and get anything needed done before he delivers.. - Check the spare parts situation for the machine you want....Many web sites sell parts. .See if you can get say a spare electronics board... Some machines are easier to get parts than others... Tom
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