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  1. He could call a consulate or embassy instead of talking to a death trap lawyer. If the Canadian consulate or embassy refers him to a non consulate lawyer that charges fees? Declare war on Canada.
  2. https://www.telcel.com/personas/telefonia/roaming/paquetes-y-precios#!plan-de-renta
  3. Check the setting or preferences for whatever. Could be you hit a CTRL+ some letter key to change things instead of hitting the SHIFT key plus the capital leetter you wanted. If you remember the exact email you sent it happened on try going back and using the CTRL key and letter for each capital letter you used or the most likely capital letter you used. Could of also been the Function key (FN) plus a letter. By time you are done trying then the whole internet should crash......hopefully. Webpage markups have gone a long way to be able to be in your computer systems with hooks it's ridiculous.
  4. This one looks good for 3 days of a few houses without water and hot days $1,200. Don't let the workmen that are sweating dive in Costco or other places should have something like it. Maybe the army will park a water tank or two for everyone. https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-837528474-jardin-inflable-de-la-piscina-del-pvc-de-los-300-76cm-_JM?searchVariation=67808058982#searchVariation=67808058982&position=4&search_layout=grid&type=item&tracking_id=8cc925a1-7f69-41fd-b785-83bc2401b509
  5. Time to buy an inflatable baby swimming pool and have buckets to flush toilets Maybe apartments or neighbors can use one pool for their buckets. That's a long time without water pressure.
  6. Jake brake/engine brakes are only a switch on the dash that engages automatic engine braking when off the throttle and best left on for safety. This is from a guy that got spooked the spooky way running out of air pressure after tapping the brake intermittently coming down not too steep slopes off a mountain when I hadn't thrown the swith on the jake brake. For safety reasons is why their jake brakes are on. It doesn't take much to drain the brake air pressure and since the engine is idling coming down a slope it takes longer to recharge air tanks meaning holy heck if brakes are needed. Why the big trucks don't have hydraulic brakes I don't know but maybe it's hydraulic lines to trailers don't work good having to be reconnected off and on adding pressure failure really making a condition for no brakes possible. Some towns especially German towns erect sound deadening walls. Some of those walls are designed so plants can grow on them increasing the noise stopping quality. It doesn't take much to run a trucks air brakes out of pressure. Working to tell them to stop using jake brakes sends a deadly problem down the hill.
  7. Some overbearing wife lost track of her husband when he ditched her tracking device?
  8. Maybe a dependable cab driver for a reduced fee could ride with you then drive the car back with a deal to drive the car back up to the airport to pick you up. Any neighbors that could use the trip up there to pick up supplies then do the same picking you up when returning. You'll probably want to pickup new perishable on your return also.
  9. Is there any rowboat or motorboat rentals around the shore? Nice to see great views and everyone having fun.
  10. The connections in fingers that allow pulling a jointed section closed is around a month normally. That the estimated I was told after a finger was busted out of place and it was a month or so till the fingertip would close. Eating healthy well rounded meals I guess is a good way to improve recovery times.
  11. National Guard? I'd be more worried about them drinking all the beer and their free time off from work
  12. Maybe Guadalajaraguadalajara can help. It appeears to be a production oriented group. Try contacting them since their productions I've seen are catchy and well orchestrated. Could help having a job with them getting to know them. I'm not sure if Mike Laure Jr. lives around the lake but he seems to be a great guy from his part in the Guadalajaraguadalajara song. Who knows, you might have something they would like. https://www.guadalajaraguadalajara.mx/somos/
  13. It's a fair bet some of them feel that way sometimes. But paid for it it's okay. It's when they start digging foxholes and sandbagging you might wonder.
  14. Slowly but surely. After surgeries like that it takes around a year for nerve ends to reconnect. It's not a good feeling during that year wondering. The going to sleep part of worried about moving around messing things up rolling around is spooky. Then there's the pain pills fog sitting there wondering if you had already taken one or two when two is the max and you are feeling like you need two. Yah get a pill dispenser so you know.
  15. Looks like it got wet and the debris on the cobblestone did a good job of filling in any of the low areas If the plastic on the thatch roof went on before the winds arrived they did pretty good storm winds wise. I don't like the winds and rains that drive the water through the windows. Was that waves that bent the chain link fencing back or was it like that from a previous storm?
  16. Hopefully it's a blessing of rain to fill the farmers reservoirs and the lake. Maybe even long steady stream flow for fishing and of course rain for kids to play in Ah heck throw some good lightening, squall fronts to watch go by and nice looking breaks in the clouds for sun to pour through
  17. I'm not sure if boric acid works but it works with roaches. Sprinkle it on oatmeal mixing it up a bit where they can get to it. It's tasteless and the roaches eat it. It's a white powder. Could ask persons that manage or own kitchens. If there is a health inspector for restaurants and bakeries, you could try asking them what is allowable by law which should be something that works and doesn't taint food or end up poisoning anything you eat. Good luck. A thorough cleaning is also needed. Spilled sugar soaked into wood grains or cracks can always bring them back.
  18. I think the bank sends to the number weeding out the out of country numbers. The VPN concerns only the out and in to your device not how data is handled to become available to your device. That's where it figures if you have contact info on your device with a USA number supplied by google or some other and your email and Mexico number all in your send and receive setting of the iOS Messages setting along with mirror on all device then you should get the texts popping up on the Mexico device. It's no hard task to test unless menus and setting are hard. If you don't have an Apple device I have no idea. I ditch the google and android hack my information and spam advertising games a long time ago.
  19. It's not changing any settings. It's using the standard available setting you can make. Look on an Apple iOS devices settings for MESSAGES under the Send & Receive. Phone numbers and emails can be used. There is always testing it if you have an Apple device. Send a text. If you don't have a US number use a Google supplied number. Good luck
  20. I don't think so. The notifications are via the Apple devices listed contacts like numbers and email addresses. It an internet account when it apple messages. Not a strickly phone. Figures as long as you Apple account has WiFi access or cell data it should work.
  21. Try this app called Quakefeed. It can be found in the app store and it's free. I only see it for Apple but it does work great for iPhone and iPad. Used to be only earthquakes but now the settings can include hurricanes and eruption. Best part is it gives out quick notifications with setting for only locl and other specific areas so you can cancel other area quake notifications or weed them out with sizee of quake. A low cost for getting rid of advertisements. https://quakefeed.com/
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