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  1. I think the bank sends to the number weeding out the out of country numbers. The VPN concerns only the out and in to your device not how data is handled to become available to your device. That's where it figures if you have contact info on your device with a USA number supplied by google or some other and your email and Mexico number all in your send and receive setting of the iOS Messages setting along with mirror on all device then you should get the texts popping up on the Mexico device. It's no hard task to test unless menus and setting are hard. If you don't have an Apple device I have no idea. I ditch the google and android hack my information and spam advertising games a long time ago.
  2. It's not changing any settings. It's using the standard available setting you can make. Look on an Apple iOS devices settings for MESSAGES under the Send & Receive. Phone numbers and emails can be used. There is always testing it if you have an Apple device. Send a text. If you don't have a US number use a Google supplied number. Good luck
  3. I don't think so. The notifications are via the Apple devices listed contacts like numbers and email addresses. It an internet account when it apple messages. Not a strickly phone. Figures as long as you Apple account has WiFi access or cell data it should work.
  4. Try this app called Quakefeed. It can be found in the app store and it's free. I only see it for Apple but it does work great for iPhone and iPad. Used to be only earthquakes but now the settings can include hurricanes and eruption. Best part is it gives out quick notifications with setting for only locl and other specific areas so you can cancel other area quake notifications or weed them out with sizee of quake. A low cost for getting rid of advertisements. https://quakefeed.com/
  5. Sometimes you can hear booms along with the feeling you are on water in the waves. I'd be real tempted to sleep outside for a while with mosquito net of course.
  6. A tsunami would be a good time for drone footage. Hurricanes wise at least one agency liked having before and after's and one agency in Hawaii requested drone footage of neighborhoods for comparisons of before and after major events. The 1st warning of possible tsunami in Hawaii had forecasted 3:19 PM. One or two feet can trash things in harbors. Here's part of link. https://tsunami.gov/events/PHEB/2022/09/19/22262001/1/WEHW42/WEHW42.txt
  7. Yah but looks like no tsunami coming at least until the news finishes playing it for excitement or the tsunami hits and everyone starts running https://tsunami.gov/events/PHEB/2022/09/19/22262001/2/WEHW42/WEHW42.txt
  8. Are you guys raising your mountains to block hurricanes? Time to check gas and water lines.
  9. Check how much rain after a storm called Thirteen-E goes by around Sunday. Click the Thirteen-E icon. https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/?epac
  10. iPhone does it. In SETTINGS look under MESSAGES then configure under TEXT MESSAGE FORWARDING. Any device configured right gets the text messages. There is also some place a setting for identities to receive messages for like email's and phone numbers that I've run into configuring. Input the emails and phone numbers and as long as they aren't taken by another apple account it should work.
  11. Did you try the webcam link for timelapse video of the day it happened? Could try asking the guy that runs the website if the area is in the view of the camera it could help zero in on where and what. There are optical illusions from cooler air that bends lights lensing the light to show a different area where actually there isn't anything there. https://www.ajijicweather.com/wxlakecam.php
  12. Night rains don't count unless they wake you up from being real hard and loud rains Lots of areas feed water into the lake. It appears the lake level is doing better than the last couple of year. Everybody needs water. https://www.ceajalisco.gob.mx/contenido/chapala/chapala/comportamiento.html
  13. Give it to some army guys. A little damage isn't going to bother them when hanging it on a wall or flying it. I've seen those guys eat with their hands and even dig with their hands ewwwww Savages I tell ya, they're all savages no matter what country they are from Ya give it to some army guys. My bet is it will give some of them a smile and maybe a fun fight over it at some point. The flag could end up being prized on some guys man cave being blessed with companions watching football championships every year. Giving it to an American Legion isn't what a Mexican patriot would consider appropriate.
  14. If you wear glasses there is always chances of reflections of light that's behind you. Then maybe it was the strawberry greenhouses opening a flap when fancy LED lights with and orangish spectrum was running. There always calling someone over there that would know. Could of been windy and tree branches being blown towards power lines gave an electrical show. Arc light like old streetlights give some funny sputtering startups sometimes. Couldn't be fireworks in Mexico because something like that would start a panic Whatever it was hopefully it was an easy fix and or people having fun.
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