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  1. I have an inogen one g4 that I am selling at the price I purchased, $1800. It’s light and works well. https://www.inogen.com/pdf/InogenOneG4TechnicalManual.pdf
  2. I bought it 2 weeks ago so I don’t know. It works very well
  3. It weighs less than 3 lbs. I bought it gently used for 1800 usd and will sell at same price. it can be used on airplanes and has a jack for the car. And a special backpack extra
  4. This nice dog will be euthanized if she doesn’t find a home or foster tomorrow. Owner is returning north. I just found out and am passing the word.
  5. Got spot for notary as US consulate for late March. Website works.
  6. Any luck on using a Mexican notary?
  7. Another one by 6 corners, 122 Ocampo
  8. The wall has been knocked down! And a wire fence removed in Riberas!
  9. There’s a new testing lab on Ocampo just west of 6 Corners. Both antigen and PCR.
  10. Lore who had to close Charlotte Restaurante when her husband was killed last year, is opening a new place in Ajijic called cocina Membrillo. it is on the corner of Marco Castellano and Zaragoza and opens at noon. The menu has a lot of dishes. i hope she will get the support at her new venture that she deserves.
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