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  1. Mint Mobile partners with Swappa.com for customers looking to buy compatible phones. Swappa has a variety at various price levels. Just be sure to select a model with dual SIM capability, so you can use a single phone both for a physical Mexican SIM and an e-SIM from Mint Mobile.
  2. I’ve had good luck with Mint Mobile as the e-SIM option on my dual SIM phone. My US banks and brokerages readily use it for Dual Factor Authentication, and it’s only US$15/month for the cheapest package. In Mexico, Mint Mobile charges 6 US cents per talk minute or text, but since I mostly use it for DFA, the charges are minimal.
  3. Hi, I’m here as a visitor and don’t have access to a printer. Would I be able to show the email from the Soriana lab to Volaris in order to fly, or do they insist on a paper copy? If the latter, does Soriana give folks paper results if they request that instead of email? thanks in advance for any insight! David D.
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