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  1. Okay. But those of you who signed up for izzi or totalplay a while back and signed a one year contract, did you need to renew your contract every single year? Because now I'm thinking, once you use it for at least one year... then there isn't any penalty to cancel anymore since you had it for minimum one year? Thus imagine you signed up for izzi three years ago. That would mean you could probably cancel any month right? I just want to know the general on this.
  2. Hi. I'm not in the Chapala area in Mexico but in PDC but saw this is one of the forums where people in Mexico interact and ask questions with one another. I have a few questions about internet contracts here in Mexico and figure if its like that in PDC, certainly its the same in Chapala? I have izzi internet. I have had it for years. Only internet and landline phone. Back when I had it installed years ago, they also provided me a landline phone to make unlimited phone calls which i rarely use as I only need the internet. Now back then, I remember there wasn't a contract... I believe they told me I could cancel it anytime and just return the modem and landline back etc. But I believe in the last year or few years, any internet provider you sign up for... whether izzi, telmex or totalplay, you need to sign up a one year contract. Is that correct? Or do some of them offer 6 month plans? I ask this since Izzi for me has been not really reliable for the last few years. It use to be very good. I know they have totalplay in my area now. Does anyone use totalplay and is it much better than izzi? Now what I am confused at is... am I still in an izzi contract or can I cancel anytime? I do remember exactly when i signed up for izzi years ago... so would they use that date as when my contract expires? I am pretty certain they didn't say i had a contact when i signed up years ago or is there always a one year contract when signing up with izzi? Now if I were to sign up for totalplay, what happens if you cancel before you contract ends? Example you signed a one year contract but just 5 months into it... you want to cancel it. Do you need to pay the remaining 7 months of the contract? The thing is in the US, i know you could pay that early termination fee but does that apply with izzi and totalplay? What if someone was in PDC or Tulum or Chapala and stays for only three months and needs internet installed in their apartment/house? They need to pay a whole year even though they might be here for only three months? Also is internet cost the same in PDC for izzi/totalplay as with Chapala? I got to assume same right?
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