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  1. Hi, What was your solution to care? I am in the similar situation. Care near me in Placer County Ca. is $11,000 per month for an average facility. I hope you were successful.
  2. Hi again. I am new to the area. I suffer from complex PTSD and am having anxiety and insomnia not to mention horrible nightmares. This the reason I posted about cbd earlier. I have found a licensed talk therapist. Looking for an emdr practitioner and some cbd. My body responds to Indica. I don't want pharmaceuticals. I used to make my own RSO in the states. After 2 weeks with 1 to 3 hrs sleep, I need some rest. I am exercising, using relaxation and mindfulness techniques all to no avail. Thanks for any direction.
  3. I haven't recieved my third check. I did recieve the first two quickly and by direct deposit because I filed taxes early and online. Are we discussing the last $600 announcement? For all of you who are still waiting, I hope you get your monies too. We all need some relief. Like all of you, I am grateful for the funds I did recieve as I know they have helped all of us to some extent.
  4. Hello everyone. Where can I get some? I have a medical mj card in US and moved here in April, but at the moment I m having severe anxiety and insomnia w/o this medication. Pharmaceuticals are addicting and quite frankly had little to no effect. Thanks, Roo
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