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  1. What a singularly graceless and unnecessary comment.
  2. A simple request for information has now morphed into a slanging match. Sorry now I posted the request in the first place.
  3. Thanks for the responses - I guess the information I heard was incorrect.
  4. I was told that Canada now accepts Sinovac vaccinated travellers, but can't find any proof of this online. Any suggestions?
  5. The lady who helped me with the vaccination process has applied for my certificate several times, and is told it has already been sent to me - sadly it has not. Is anyone else having this problems? Any suggestions on expediting the process.
  6. https://www.crossborderxpress.com/en/contact
  7. Are Canadians now allowed to walk across?
  8. Yes, I plan on flying in and out, preferably in one day. I haven't any date in mind, preliminary planning so far.
  9. Sounds like a plan. Where in the US, did you need to book a vaccination appointment? Any help much appreciated.
  10. Are Canadian citizens resident in Mexico able to get vaccinations in the US?
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