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  1. Can anyone share first hand experience at the IMSS Hospital in Tlajomulco?
  2. Helpful. Thank you. It’s the very first sentence and really stand alone.
  3. Can anyone please give me an accurate translation of the following? Google makes little sense. ”Tal vez la disyuntiva que planteas es falaz”. Than you.
  4. I need a cat sitter at my casa or their place for one or two nights only. I used to use Dee’s, but can no longer find her. Help?
  5. Thanks to everyone for your very helpful information. Muchas gracias.
  6. Does anyone know which US states allow expats to receive COVID-19 vaccinations?
  7. Why would the driver of the car flee if he/she was hit from behind?
  8. Does anyone have a recommendation for a pet sitter? Thanks.
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