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  1. Good now but just wait until the weekenders arrive. It will not be pretty.
  2. I just bought a trap and, when they become a problem, trap them and take them up the hill for release. Cat food in the trap works every time.
  3. Saw the poor delivery guy after getting hit by a car on Friday. He seemed OK.
  4. Had that problem in Florida. Happily, it was caught early and we didn’t need to tent the house.
  5. At $1000 per person plus extra for drinks? Don’t think I will be trying that one.
  6. Sorry but with so many good and inexpensive places to eat, I don’t get choosing the mass produced mediocre crap served at chains.
  7. Why is anyone going to chain restaurant?
  8. Yea, no ac or heat on this end. Just a ceiling fan only while hubby is watching TV in the evening and fans at night while sleeping. Spend all day, everyday outside. No justification for theses crazy bills from C F E.
  9. Well mine was over $3000 and has risen over $1000 a month over the past three billings. I don’t have money to throw away, so, yes, it’s a concern.
  10. We have only been in this house for six month and are located on a small private street. I suspect that either the water pump is malfunctioning or our line has been tapped into. The bill has been steadily increasing even though we have not changed our usage. If anything we have been more cautious since the last billing period.
  11. Northern cardinals are not native to this area of Mexico nor are they migratory. I suspect it’s another species coming to you yard every winter.
  12. Mine just jumped to over $3000 for the past two months. The neighbors bill was just around a thousand. Happily, we are renters so we can have our management company look into it. Something very fishy is going on......
  13. Favorite place, the lunchtime steak sandwich is fantastic.
  14. Super Lake but you might need to take out a loan to buy it.
  15. More than just field burning. There a couple big fires in the area also.
  16. Pentas are easy to care for and bloom pretty much nonstop. Great nectar plants for hummers and butterflies.
  17. It is Illegal for them to sell these birds. They used to only sell captive raised non-native species but that seems to have changed. Stopped going there when I saw them selling painted buntings.
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