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  1. It can be quite high. My car is plated in CDMX, forgot on year and the fine was about $500 usd. Not sure about Jalisco.
  2. Very rare to get an Uber lakeside. The most luck I have had is in Chapala Central but even there it can be spotty. Being there by 9am by bus will be impossible. Taxi or driver will be your bet with a driver usually being the least expensive.
  3. The information is posted and available. If you don’t wish to belong to forum used to publish the information then it’s your responsibility to seek it out by other means. Nobody is required to cater to your specific desires.
  4. I just did the quick test. There were some Canadians there getting the PCR but those I talked to were there a day or two earlier than their flights to give them time to get the results back.
  5. And if you do the airport, get there very early. It took me 4 1/2 last Sunday to get mine. Fortunately, my flight was delayed or I would have missed it.
  6. Lots of rain means more natural food sources so less dependency on feeders. Many are also nesting now so spend a lot of time hunting tiny insects to feed nestlings.
  7. The screams are horrible when I’m pulling out those weedy tomato plants that infest my back garden.
  8. And not only is that crap environmentally awful, it has been shown to cause cancer. It is banned in most of the world.
  9. They are monk parakeets, green back, grey throat and chest, only parrot to build a free standing communal nest. You might be thinking of the orange-fronted parakeets. They are native to the area but seldom seen anymore. I’ve only seen one flock in the three years I’ve been here.
  10. Yea, they are one of the few parrots that have benefited from man. They can now be found as far north as Chicago and NYC. Actually one of the best talking parrots when captive raised.
  11. If you can get on the roof, it’s a pretty easy fix with a tube of silicone.
  12. Walked the SJC male on this morning. The water was a little closer this morning than it has been but only about a foot or so.
  13. Problem with Pillsbury, it taste like chemicals.
  14. I had the same craving as you but never found frozen dough. Will have to suck it up and make my own.
  15. It’s a gay anthem :). Saw Martha Wash perform it live in NYC.
  16. Most of the hardware stores lakeside have them.
  17. I said might be termites. We had both ants and termites both swarm in my area. It was just a guess as to what was being asked.
  18. The smaller ones might be termites. They also swarm around the time of the first rains.
  19. Nice soaking, no need to water anything for the foreseeable future. Good, sick of watering the damn lawn.
  20. After almost 50 comments on this, I really need to find out how to turn my email notifications off.
  21. Well if they drive like the do here in SJC, don’t expect any consideration.
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