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  1. Would be nice to get a bit more before the dry really kicks in.
  2. Have had two test there and didn’t make an appointment either time. Just showed up and got the test.
  3. Best get it before you go to the airport. The line can be very long there. The Test from the Walmart parking lot is accepted.
  4. Heard it come down around 7:30 this morning. It was very loud. Have not ventured out to see.
  5. I find that this works for me; If the light is red, I stop. If the light is green, I go. For some reason that concept is difficult for some and that is what makes the intersection dangerous.
  6. The Savta cinnamon roll is not meant to be a traditional US style cinnamon roll. For that try the ones made at Vicky’s.
  7. Just pit him on ignore and, poof, he’s gone.
  8. Sadly some people chose to make the pandemic a political issue and scour the internet to find “proof” to back up their misguided views. Easiest to put such people on ignore and we their misguided rankings from your feed.
  9. The road going into Chapala on the west side is always a mess. So sooner than they get it fixed, it’s full of potholes again.
  10. After this years dryer than average dry season we will need every drop to get through this year’s. Rain is already beginning to become more spotty. Anyone else notice the lack of morning thunderstorms this year?
  11. All night and most of the morning here in SJC. Enjoy it while you can, rainy season already seems to be winding down.
  12. Was very easy putting the “big three” on ignore and never seeing such post again.
  13. The answer to the original question is; Yes, Walmart carries coffee pods.
  14. Savta in Ajijic has a great sourdough.
  15. Yes, but the test must be no older than 72 hours to board a flight. If they already have theirs it will be expired by the time the fly out “next week”.
  16. From what I can see, not at all.
  17. Someone posted the links above and you can download the brochure.
  18. Wednesday market is still going. Saturday should be wet thanks to Nora moving along the coast.
  19. New storm predicted to develop south of us and head up along the coast. As long as it does not turn west, we should get some good rains out of it.
  20. Yea, the thunder and lightning were pretty impressive around 3am.
  21. “Also pretty sure some additions to the malecons in the area were built in spite of federal encroachments. I'm thinking of the "restaurant" on the Ajijic pier, the bridge and Jesus statue in Chapala, and almost all of the Joco malecon. So if municipalities allow those things why should they get too worked up over some rich guywanting to do the same if there is bribe money to be made?” Those are public use projects and open to all.
  22. Latest has her going pretty far south of us.
  23. It is not moving up the east coast. It is cutting across the country. Might pass close enough to give us a bit of rain.
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