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  1. Thank you. My email is medcare651@gmail.com. I would be happy to accept the papers.
  2. I respect myself enough to make sure where I move is safe for my well being. I'm clearly not the type of person to stick my head in the sand. I have no intention of dying at someone else's hands. By the way I'm a physician and not a junior scientist. Just give me the facts and not the fantasy. By the way what happens to the bull frogs happens to you.
  3. Hey thanks. What do you mean? You mean do my own search? That I've done but I would like your references.
  4. Computer Guy, are there any reports that are footnoted. I would like to expand my research based on what Mr. Strong states. Thanks
  5. Sonja, I have been looking for the very information you referenced. Specifically the percent of untreated sewage. Can you point me to sources that discuss this fact. After realizing why the water can't be consumed I'm like, why would I move to Mexico? I would consider somewhere in the 55%. I just need to know where that is. The entire basin that Chapala, Guadalajara are in is totally out. Large corporations have destroyed everything.
  6. Sonja, do you know about the Santiago river once it leaves Chapala? I know it goes through Guadalajara, and I'm curious about what that water is then used for as it makes it's way to the Pacific. Does it ever regain life?
  7. Tomgates, I would like to contact Todd Strong. I read a report from 2010 which looks at all aspects of life on the lake. He makes numerous references to water, wells, and water treatment. I would like to look at the data he references. Can you help. I did see that he is speaking at the LCS Sunday morning lecture series on March 21 2021.
  8. Yes, Happyjillin I'm beginning to understand that. I'm just curious if water is pulled out of the river once it has gone beyond Guadalajara, and what it's used for.
  9. So the outflow of Lake Chapala is the Santiago River that then flows through Guadalajara? Does anyone know what the land is used for as it makes it's way to the Pacific? It appears to flow into the ocean above PV. Anyone know how the currents work as the river moves into the ocean? Does the water flow one direction or another?
  10. To dichosalocura, If you scan any studies by Dr. Tyrone Hayes @Cal-Berkley his career is studying the affects of toxins on frogs. It may not kill them the the genetic affects are shocking. The main affects in his studies are complete feminization of males even to the point of reproduction. Of course the offspring are of poor quality and don't thrive. He also has some YouTube videos.
  11. Mainecoons, I have been looking into this. I believe the Lerma flows into Chapala and the Santiago flows out of Chapala. Forgive my spelling.
  12. This question is for Ficklepie. Could you explain what you mean that the lake is radioactive? I'm looking for some studies cause the crazy deniers on Facebook are freaking out with that mention. Of Course they won't be able to understand any scientific studies and they will continue to deny the reality. I don't think I could move to Chapala, number one for the water quality and two for the people. Thanks for your response several years later.
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